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Lil Mama iEnvy Kiss Collection

Source: Handz Dirty Public Relations / Kiss Cosmetics

Actress, artist and now brand partner Niatia “Lil’ Mama” Kirkland has teamed up with iEnvy by KISS to create a limited edition 3D lash collection, which includes four unique styles extending from gorgeous spiky-wispy to voluminous stacked layers. As the new face of iEnvy, she raves about the lid enhancers that are available for purchase on the official website. Lil’ Mama describes the new release as  “a dream come true collaboration” to HelloBeautiful as she’s excited to be part of the KISS products family. With this new collab, our lashes can be just as poppin’ as our lip gloss.

When HelloBeautiful asked what sparked her initial interest in the partnership, she thought back to when her hairstylist Janel Smith was centering her part for a movie premiere and the idea had hit her out of nowhere when looking into her eyes. “She shared with me that she’s been working with KISS products and they were looking to do a lash collaboration with a celebrity who has influence in beauty,” reminisces the Crazy, Sexy, Cool star who her stylist suggested would be absolutely perfect for the casting.

Upon first thought, she raved in excitement to Janel about how she buys at least ten pairs of KISS lashes whenever she’s in the beauty supply store.  Though she’s the new face for the latest limited edition collection, Lil’ Mama’s initial relationship with lashes was a lil’ rocky.

“The first time I ever used lashes, let’s just say it was ‘clash’,” she laughed with HelloBeautiful. “I was so used to simple makeup like moisturizer, lipgloss and mascara. I remember like yesterday being on set with Chris Brown and T-Pain for our hit single Shawty Get Loose. Talk about a throwback.

“When the makeup artist pulled a lash strip from the tray, I asked ‘what’s that?’. She said, ‘let’s try it’, and I did; I’ve been using them ever since. The best part of my growth in using lashes has been finding styles that fit my eye and face shape.” Some of her favorite styles to date include wispy and spiky, just like in the collaboration with KISS products.

When asked to choose her favorite Lil’ Mama X iEnvy by KISS Collaboration, she simply couldn’t do it. She loves all of her babies equally. “Ahhhhh come on don’t make me choose. I like all of them, which is why I chose them,” she explains. “Four is my favorite number, which is why I chose four lashes and numbered them. I am also really big on mood, so it all depends on the mood I’m in that determines what makeup and eyelash style I want to wear.”

Of course, the When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story star was more hands-on than just the pretty face for the campaigns and choosing the lashes. In addition to developing special 3D lash styles that speak to every occasion from sophisticated, party scenes and super soft and seductive moments, she had the opportunity to add her own personal touch just for her fans. “With our first release, my special edition collection KISS encouraged me to share some of my favorite lashes with my fans. I thought that was a great idea,” expressed the Brooklyn native.

Upon package completion, the creative team at KISS suggested adding her signature as an intimate bonus for consumers. “We added my signature and it felt complete. My fans love the finished product, From my photos being on the lash boxes to my signature, they’re enjoying the looks they can create with the lashes so I’m really happy!”

Lil’ Mama x iEnvy by KISS lashes are available in beauty supply stores nationwide. Follow KISS and Lil’ Mama for inspiration, makeup ideas and tutorials.


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