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Marsha tries Saweetie x Morphe

Source: Marsha B / Marsha B

Quarantine Chronicles.

For the past month, I’ve been sitting at home heavily reviewing every show and movie on Netflix. Time to switch it up. Isolation is the best time to brush up on my makeup skills. When I tell you I’m an amateur, I’m not lying. To clue you in, I JUST learned that concealer should be a few shades lighter than your foundation.

Don’t judge me.

It’s not that I don’t have access to YouTube, I’m just not big on makeup. My friends take 1 hour, I take 5 minutes. In any case, after my interview with Saweetie about her Morphe collab, Backstage with Saweetie, I received the collection in the mail. Perfect timing because I had just received some application tips from makeup guru Patrick Starrr. With product, tips, and nothing but time, I decided to recruit two of my friends for a FaceTime tutorial using the Backstage with Saweetie collection.

My friends were able to help me create magic with minimal products. Let’s see; I had no beauty blender, nothing to use as a contour and none of the right brushes. Still, they helped me make Pinot Noir out of tap water.

From this FaceTime call, I learned why it takes most women close to an hour to do their makeup. This is legit a science that requires formulas and symmetry. We reviewed the palette and decided on a color that would go well with my complexion and pop in a picture. First of all, the colors in this palette are intense. The 24A Artist Pass Artistry Palette ($29) is an affordable and nice mix of highly pigmented colors and softer nude hues. We decided to go with Indio Whoa, a vibrant orange, for the eyelid, then Seek Shade, a deep maroon, for the crease. We finished the eye off with Front Row, a shimmery gold, for the tear duct.

Marsha tries Saweetie x Morphe

Source: Marsha B / Marsha B

Once we moved onto the foundation portion, my friends realized I didn’t have anything to use for contouring. I don’t know that I cared, but they thought it was a big deal so we decided to improvise. They instructed me to use the Seek Shade shadow to contour my face.

Shadow, check. Foundation, contour, and highlight, check. Now onto the lips. The collection, Icy Lips By Saweetie (sadly sold out for good) comes with 3 sexy glosses. I decided to go with Bo$$ Tycoon. All 3 shades have a high level of gloss and glitter to them but the shade I used had more of a neutral finish to it.

Marsha tries Saweetie x Morphe

Source: Marsha B / Marsha B

Also included in the collection are 6 different shadow brushes (VIP Sweep, $29) and a setting spray, Mini Continous Setting Mist ($10).

Now, this might look like a basic face to you, but for me, I felt like I should just start my own YouTube channel. I was so proud of myself for completing my own makeup look. To celebrate, I went outside for about 3 minutes and then returned to my apartment. Good times.

Marsha tries Saweetie x Morphe

Source: Marsha B / Marsha B


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