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I have been practicing self-care all quarantine and I don’t feel a bit bad about. I stay productive. I pray. I watch the news and I balance those home activities with intimate time to myself.

Taking time out to give yourself extra attention is essential to your physical well-being. Even more so during an unprecedented global pandemic. Whether you’ve got a full house or you’re in self-isolation, I hope that you may be inspired by my quarantine coziness to love on you just a little harder.

On the surface, I probably appear to be an extrovert. You put a camera in front of me and a mic in my hand and it’s show time! But quiet as it’s kept, I’m introverted as hell. Some of that “always on” lifestyle begins to take a toll and I need time to myself.

It’s what we do with our alone time makes all the difference. When I retreat into the recesses of my brain, I like to sit and practice manifestation. I’m naturally curious, but in solitude I can be rather introspective. These deep inner thoughts are not exclusive to my mind and heart either, but also to my physical.

I love lathering my body with lotion after a stimulating shower or relaxing bubble bath. I set intentions behind each gentle and caring stroke.

While I agree that what’s inside is most important, I submit what’s on the outside can impact how you feel inside too. That’s why I’ve continued styling my hair too. I have been playing full on cosmetologist doing scalp treatments, a trim of split ends and no less than four unique hairstyles to boot.

Sis, you do not have to wait until shelter in place orders have been lifted to get cute. 

Whether I’m installing the teenest-tiniest micro mini twists my fingers can grip or setting the bounciest flexi rod set of my life it all begins with a deep, fragrant CURLS Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Wash cleanse and a serious scalp massage.

Vigorously running the pads of your fingertips on your scalp is a great way to produce serotonin, our built-in mood regulator, and help to reduce stress. A light pressure massage can also help you fall asleep or invigorate you with your energy. Scalp stimulation increases blood flow to the face and scalp which can help your hair grow and overall enhance your appearance. Now, that’s a lot of power at your fingertips.

Finally, every morning you stand at the sink to brush your teeth and you have to see your own face. Continue to practice your skin care cleansing and moisturizing properly. Using your SPF especially if you’re going out for a jog or capturing cool backyard mirror pictures.

This next suggestion is for my selfie queens only: take it up a notch and use those Zoom conference calls as an excuse to practice your makeup game, girl. Your loved ones deserve to see you at your best just as much as you trust them at your most natural.

I’ve taken every opportunity to hone on my makeup techniques without the pressure of a commute. I celebrated a stay-at-home birthday and I have been speaking at virtual conferences all month. I believe in delivering a consistent standard regardless of platform or medium. When you hear “Bobby Pen” you know that I’m going to be dressed and beat for the gawds! That standard should be upheld even in a video conference, so yes I still pull together a look, honey.

Now, by no means am I implying that everyone should experience quarantine in the same way– that’s unfair and unreasonable. I am, however, suggesting that we attempt to take control of our minds at this time to create a place of peace and comfort. Looking in the mirror and loving my reflection is cathartic. It feels good to see my skin polished and glowing. It’s comforting to feel my own reassuring touch. That I am at peace. That I am whole. That I am enough.


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