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“I like to look extra pretty when I’m gonna read a b*tch” will go down in RHOA history as one of the most effortless reads of all time. Delivered by one of the greatest reality TV villains, Kenya Moore, whose witty retorts makes her the queen of sophisticated shade. That was a precursor of Kenya’s cut your jugular mentality.

Last night, we gathered around the living room with a glass of Hennessey (a la Porsha) and swallowed a gulp as primer for the second part of the virtual reunion. It was clear, from the beginning, it would be more intense than last week with NeNe and Kandi going facetime to facetime over a beef we’re still not sure how it began. It ended with Andy Cohen, who had been given unprecedented muting power, hit the proverbial silence button on the bickering ladies. All of which was the perfect segue into “the cookie lady” storyline. Tanya Sam and Marlo joined the set and rivalries were given a back seat to the Kenya Moore show.

Kenya Moore is a polarizing character, which is why she’s often a trending topic the day after popular episodes. And last night was no different. Her ability to laser cut through her opponent without breaking a mental sweat is admirable yet exhausting. Two truths can exist at one time and while Kenya is entertaining as f*ck, she is equally as problematic.

Vivica A. Fox infamously called Kenya a “toxic trick” years ago and NeNe has been begging us to see Kenya’s vitriolic ways but we were so blinded by NeNe’s aggressive toxicity that Kenya’s just didn’t seem that bad.

All of the RHOA ladies engage in shady behavior, but there is a distinct difference between foul and fun shade, which we saw the ladies debate last night over Kenya’s behavior at Marlo’s wig collection launch. Even Kandi, who defended Kenya’s behavior several times, declared what Kenya did was definitely not “fun shade” but shade that happened to be funny. But when it came to Kandi admitting Kenya’s behavior toward Tanya was egregiously wrong, she chose to side with her friend and suggested she is not here to “rescue” anyone, especially not Tanya Sam, who in her words, hasn’t been around long enough to deserve her sword and shield.

As pointed out by Porsha, it was more about about principle and as pointed out by Tanya, Kenya was in the sunken place and just wanted a guest. Which is where the ugly side of this beauty queen rears its face. It’s like the time she clearly sought to ruin her close friend Cynthia Bailey’s engagement or when she embarrassed that same friend by insinuating she wasn’t knowledgable about her own wine business. But the “cookie lady” incident trumps the list for Kenya’s most audacious and mean girl behavior that deserve to be called exactly what it is — bullshit.  If ever there was a glass house, made out of the world’s most glassiest-glass, it is the house Kenya Moore has built atop Glass Hill Rd.

This season, we learned Kenya’s husband Marc had his own version of the cookie lady, who was clinging onto a past (or present) relationship through sexts. In addition to his inappropriate behavior, he brazenly made his disdain for the veteran actress clear with no remorse. And mid-season, filed for divorce. Empathy for Kenya was short-lived. It was hard to hard to feel bad for someone, who, just episodes before, brought another woman in front of Tanya in an attempt to ruin her happy union. Kenya disguised her own unhappiness claiming she was retaliating against Tanya because Tanya was the whistle blower in “wig gate.” There is no comparison. Because Kenya can come for everyone else’s business, but when you come for her’s — the gloves come off.

What really behooves Kenya Moore’s haircare business is her behavior towards other women, whom she claims to be a champion of with her beauty business. When she stormed into Marlo’s launch with a marching band and her edge regrowth cream, she not only insulted Marlo, saying, she “is bald to the back of her skull,” she insulted every woman in the market for hair regrowth products. That is more damaging than Tanya dragging Kenya’s wig from Canada to Atlanta. “Why would you show it to everybody like it’s a trophy or something?” Kenya toted, but who is actually upholding their hair as a trophy?

Kenya’s long flowing locks have never been questioned. Her natural 24 inches of thick healthy hair has stolen scenes since the 90s. Wearing a wig as a protective style was the realest sh*t she could have done to actually relate to her potential customers. Many of whom wear protective styles to preserve their hair or protect their hair during the regrowth process. But instead, she used the opportunity to bash women whose hair doesn’t look like the strands that stream from her crown.

“Why is it the ugliest bitches want to come for the prettiest girls on this show,” Kenya questioned hurling harsh words toward NeNe and Marlo. Sis may be stunning on the outside, with an shiny resume, but on the inside, she’s just as ugly as the woman, she openly calls a narcissist.


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