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Tried It: Beauty Boss Supa Cent’s The Crayon Case Matte Lippies Are A Must

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If you know nothing else about me, know that I am a lipstick connoisseur. I think I told you before that a large portion of my small fortune has been spent on lipstick. There aren’t many brands of lipstick that I haven’t had the pleasure of having in my possession. You name it, I can claim it, and today I am sharing my thoughts onnThe Crayon Case’s ultra-matte liquid Lipstick.

While reasonably new to the business of beauty, The Crayon Case owner, Raynell Steward AKA Supa Cent, has managed to catapult her brand to boss status. Some credit The Crayon Case’s success to Supa Cent’s significant digital influence while many MUA’s say it’s their highly pigmented quality products. Despite where the credit lies, The Crayon Case is breaking records, and Supa Cent has the receipts to prove it. No, the brand doesn’t have the longevity of beauty staples like Loreal,  MAC Cosmetics, Maybelline, or Nars. Still, The Crayon Case has successfully gained the respect of Supa Cent’s millions of followers, which consist of MUA’s,  beauty’s top influencers, beauty enthusiasts (myself included), and celebrities like Meg Thee Stallion.

The Crayon Case’s matte lippies apply smoothly and are long-lasting. Not only do their lippies amplify the sexiness of my full lips, but it also passed my test. Any lippies that I can wear and not reapply during a night out is alright with me because I do the most when I pop out (UGH, I miss outside). Now I will never get caught slipping, so I always carry the lippies I am wearing with me, but I can not recall having to ever reapply any of The Crayon Case matte lippies.

The liquid matte lipstick by The Crayon Case is cruelty-free and offers an ultra-matte finish (extra dry). If you aren’t a matte fan or if retro mattes are too dry for you, simply add a top coat of gloss (which The Crayon Case also sells) or coconut oil (what I use). Although The Crayon Case’s lippies could efficiently be priced around $20, the prices are very budget-friendly, with their regular price being $12.

I now own the entire collection of The Crayon Case liquid ultra matte lipsticks, but it took me forever to get one of my favorites, “Crawfish,” because it is always sold out(currently). Luckily, my friend Jada was stalking their website for it and got both of us a few tubes. My other faves are Presidential, which I refer to as Nipsey blue and Lucci, a beautiful green hue similar to emerald.

So yeah, get your shop on sis! It’s the weekend, the mall is germy, but Beyoncé’s internet is not. Also, never-mind the pandemic and the fact that there is nowhere to go, slay at home!


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