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I have ALWAYS loved Milani Cosmetics since I was in high school. I don’t know if it was that the packaging that always just looked fancier than Cover Girl or that they were one of a few brands back in the day that actually had a range of colors for darker skin, but they were and still continue to be my drugstore brand jam.

So when I first heard back in February, that they were teaming up with Salt-N-Pepa for their own makeup collab, I got excited. THEN…I learned that in the wake of the coronavirus crisis that Milani Cosmetics is donating 10 percent of their sales to those impacted by COVID-19, I knew I had to help spread the word.

So yes, by supporting our iconic rappers, we are also helping those in need. That is a win-win.

One of my favorite products from the collab is their lip kits, specifically the Push It Lip Kit, because I love reds, especially on Black skin. For a very affordable $11.99, the kit comes with a highly pigmented matching lipliner and lipstick that is velvety smooth and will give you a vibrant and matte pout for up to 8 hours.

Their Shoop Lip Kit, a cute little mauve is giving me life too!

Take a look:


Let’s also get into this Very Necessary Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette ($19.99), which is right up my alley too!



If you more of a cool a girl, this one may be up your alley:


Last week, the company announced on social media their plan on responding to the crisis.

“Hi Milani Fam, we hope you are all doing okay 💗 With everything that is going on in the world, we wanted to find a way to help! We are proud to announce that we have partnered with @getgivz to donate 10% of sales to organizations that are helping those directly affected by the crisis 💕,” the wrote on Instagram.


Now, remember, ANY purchase you make from Milan will go towards Givz. Learn more and shop the brand here. Oh, and there is free shipping for purchases of $30 or more!

Need more Salt-B-Pepa?

Their new Lifetime biopic is dropping soon!

We love to see it!


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