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My father couldn’t possibly care any less about makeup than he already does. It doesn’t matter that his daughter has garnered international fame as a makeup connoisseur. He wants nothing to do with any of the frills. So much so, that when I was growing up he reserved tasks like getting my nails or hair done to only my mom. Although he’s proud of me, he prefers his wife and daughters without any of “that stuff on your face.” You could definitely say he’s a “natural” kinda dude, so when I told him that I’d like for him to film a makeup tutorial with me his response was, “Why would I want to do that?”

“My Dad Does My Voiceover” is popular theme that I’d caught wind of a few years ago where the Youtuber’s father narrates her makeup application usually resulting in hilarious content.

Fast forward to present day and I’m quarantined with my baby and my parents. I left my little New York apartment and headed to PA before New York became the epicenter of the coronavirus. So with all of my cancelled makeup appointments, and all of this time on our hands I decided that now would be the best time to corner my dad and ask him to do the video with me.

My father has a not so hidden talent. His voice. He has always had the kinda voice that people remark about. Growing up he worked for years doing Christian Radio and had side gigs doing voiceover work. My friends and everyone he met would always remark on his voice being so smooth. His father before him had that same voice and from the very start of my youtube journey ten years ago people have always commented that my own voice was soothing to listen to. I guess it’s just in the family.

His passion for sharing black history fuels his own social media presence and this would surely be unexpected! When I explained my angle, he reluctantly obliged. He always was a sucker for his kids but not without a little resistance!

Getting him to sit down in front of my gold and sparkly background was a task. I had to explain that it was the least flashy one that I had! I told you, the guy really can’t stand anything girly! He wears sunglasses at all times and he’s black and proud in every move he makes while donning an African shaped pendant. To see his long dreads and shades in front of that background was truly a hilarious moment! When all was said and done I must say, he was a trooper! His big personality and charm always shines through in any scenario . Check out the video to see how he did! You may be surprised or maybe not, but you’ll definitely be entertained!


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