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If you were planning to take care of your six month trim right around the time the coronavirus shut everything down, you may be staring at your split ends imagining your follicle splitting right up the the root. It’s a daunting image because you’ve been putting so much time and effort into taking care of your hair.

Thanks to our good sisters over at Essence who spoke to Yene Damtew, Michelle Obama’s hairstylist, here’s some tips to cutting your hair at home.

First thing first, regular scissors won’t cut it. You should never use craft scissors to cut your hair, (even if Yara Shadidi tried it on Instagram).

“Using the wrong tool to trim your hair may worsen what you started with,” Damtew told Essence.

Unlike Shahidi, who also cut her hair while wet, Damtew suggests stretching your hair before trimming especially if you’re a natural girl.

“I prefer the method of stretching the hair while it’s dry, twisting it tightly in an elongated state and then trimming the little small hairs that stick out.”

How do you know it’s for a trim? Celebrity Stylist Monae Everett broke it down to Refinery 29.

“You can tell you need a trim when you run your hands or a styling tool through your hair and it gets caught in the same place.”

Many women see the current state of coronavirus crisis as the perfect time to trim or cut their hair. Grammy award winning singer Melanie Fiona cut her hair to welcome her rebirth.

Whether you’re overdue or just wanting a refresh, use these 3 tips to trim your hair until the social-distancing order is lifted.


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