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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood picks up from last week’s moment, with Apple Watts going off on Summer Bunni. Lyrica is there too, mouthing off at Summer as well, but Apple Watts is the attack dog. Yo-Yo is mortified as if she doesn’t know what she signed up for, but she actually gets Summer Bunni and Lyrica together in an attempt to make peace. Side note,. Yo-Yo has on a leopard print blouse with some red pants and her classic pairing is the real winner of this argument that goes nowhere. Anyway, Lyrica and Summer Bunni’s talk only ends with Summer stirring up more suspicion that she slept with A1. We’ll get back to this in a second. 

The drama gets interrupted by Nipsey Hussle’s murder so various cast members take time to mourn and reflect on what Nipsey meant to them. Some of them had close relationships with him and show up to the vigil. 

 RIP Ermias Joseph Asghedom!

Okay, back to the drama. Let’s fast forward a bit. We meet series new entry, Micky Munday. He’s basically supposed to shake things up since he’s the white rapper. He was the only white kid growing up in Crenshaw. Anyway, he’s also one of Yo-Yo’s School of Rap students so she connects him to Kurupt. Kurupt likes him as a rapper, but visually, Kurupt thinks he looks like a rocker. That doesn’t faze Micky Mundy. He tells Kurupt that he’s used to being different and he’s ready to work.  

Next, Yo-Yo appears on Hollywood Unlocked. Basically, Jason Lee thought she’d be good to have on his show because she knew and lost Tupac, so she’d be good to help this generation make sense of losing Nipsey.

The conversation then delves into Jason sharing his personal experience with gun violence. His brother was shot and killed. This is actually a good, non-petty, seemingly real, drama-free segment where they discuss solutions to gun violence in the Black community. 

A1’s mom comes to pick him up from the airport for his return to LA. He’s still on tour with T-Pain and has a show coming up. She asks him if he cheated on Lyrica with Summer Bunni. A1 says he doesn’t want to talk about it. His mom surprisingly tells him he needs to talk to his wife about this. You know it’s serious when A1’s mom actually considers Lyrica’s feeling. But this convo goes nowhere because A1 doesn’t want to face his problems. 

Let’s fast forward to the showcase, where A1 has to face his problems because Lyrica pulls up on him after the show and demands answers. A1 eventually admits that he slept with Summer Bunni last year. Lyrica gets upset but then he starts talking about how he’s not the bad guy because she cheated on him last year too and they decided to keep that information private because she was already going through a lot with her pregnancy and people going in on her about the alleged tryst with Safaree. Lyrica says she’s hurt because his indiscretion with Summer Bunni happened after they renewed their vows and agreed to forgive and move forward. She also said he has been a bad husband since the vow renewal, neglecting her and the baby, and that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. His only response is laconic, “That’s how you feel?” 

The episode ends with Yo-Yo speaking on Good Day LA about Nipsey Hussle’s legacy, the void he leaves behind, and how people can continue his work. Her final message is for people to put the guns down. 


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