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Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood brings season six back by leading with the Apryl and Fizz drama. As we know, they’ve announced that they’re an official couple since #TheBlogs outed them because it was obvious that something was going on. Obviously, the road to their relationship wasn’t without mess. Moniece hates it and Apryl, and we don’t quite know where Omarion stands. So, we begin the episode four months before all that drama started, and before Fizz and Apryl stopped fronting about their feelings. J-Boog, and Fizz come together at the gym to prepare for the millennium tour. They also meet up with Spectacular from Pretty Ricky, who also was also on the tour. The thing is, Fizz and Omarian had a falling out probably about five or six years ago and haven’t really spoken since. Omarion has been quiet about Apryl and Fizz but he’s supposed to be on the millennium tour (and we know by now that he was), so the behind the scenes of this is going to be interesting, especially because Fizz said the only person he’s ever been friends with, in B2K is J-Boog. The rest is just business. 

Speaking of Apryl, she’s back too, obvi. She says Omarian left her two months after she had their second baby and she doesn’t know why, and they’re currently in the middle of custody drama. But she’s glad to be back. She’s also filming around the time she was filling in for Melyssa Ford on Hollywood Unlocked so we’ll probably get to see some of her interactions with Jason Lee, who is also back as the mess bearer. 

Princess and Ray J are back with their daughter Melody in tow. They’re still struggling to juggle couple time with parent time. Speaking of parent time, A1 and Ray J are friends again. A1 forgave Ray for spreading rumors that Lyrica slept with Safaree. Plus, they have new fatherhood in common and lean on each other for support. They meet up with their babies, and this is where A1 tells Ray J that he and Lyrica are not on good terms. Actually, Lyrica picked up and left him a couple of weeks ago and he doesn’t know if or when she’s coming back. She has been gone for 10 days thus far. Hold that thought because we’ll get her side of the story soon. 

K. Michelle is back. She’s looking for a new house and working on her music. She has plans to make it big in the country music world. She also hired a surrogate because she wants to have twin girls. 

Then we meet Brittany B a Grammy-nominated producer/songwriter with a long list of impressive credits on her resume. She’s also one of the youngest African-American women at Warner Music Group. Black Chyna stops by her office to let her know that she wants her music career to jump off and Brittany plans to help. 

Back to A1. A1 and Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked are allegedly friends. So, Jason hits up A1 because someone sent him a video of A1 video chatting and flirting with Summer Bunni, an IG baddie. This video is supposed to be proof of A1 cheating on Lyrica with this woman, who was one of the women in question when Lyrica was pregnant. A1 says Lyrica knows about this (but she probably really doesn’t). However, he would rather this not be posted given how he and Lyrica aren’t cool right since this could make things worse. Jason Lee is in an interesting situation. If they’re truly friends then he wouldn’t release it, right? At the same time, there are no friends in Hollywood. Jason chases exclusives so of course, he’s going to post it. He tells A1 that he’ll give him some time to warn Lyrica first. None of this is going to go well. 

When Lyrica gets back to LA she explains her side of things to her mom, who has been helping with watching her baby. Basically, she left because she felt like she was dealing with a lot. She was tired of the rumors about her and Safaree and over A1 cheating on her. Apparently, A1 has been flewing (yes, flewing) chicks out, paying for boob jobs and all kinds of stuff. When they see each other face to face, this just turns into another argument that goes so left that A1 decides not to tell her about the video because she’s already super pissed. 

So, because we know what show this is, then you can already assume that Jason Lee ends up releasing the video. Let’s fast forward a bit to yet another conversation gone wrong with Lyrica and A1. This one happens over the phone because A1 decides to go on tour with T-Pain without telling Lyrica. That pisses her off. So, she questions why he didn’t tell her he left. He just turns things around on her and asks why she left him for two weeks and didn’t say anything. Then she asks why he didn’t say anything about the video. And he tries to turn things around on her again, asking her why she has been reading #TheBlogs. 

Finally, the episode winds down with Apryl and Moniece coming face to face, again, to chat about whatever it is they’re not feeling about each other. Basically,. This is fall out from their social media war. Apryl feels like Moniece lashed out at her first. Moniece feels differently and says she’s not the aggressor, and she’s tired of people looking at her as this bitter baby mama. Then she declares, “NO ONE’S GOING TO SIT IN MY FACE EVER AGAIN AND TELL ME ABOUT THE FATHER OF MY CHILD!” 

Annnnnnd scene. 

You know they had to leave us hanging for drama’s sake.

There will be more where that came from next week because Apryl and Moniece have to finish this discussion. 


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