Zellswag debuts new music and a new bedazzled clothing line and Twitter reacts.

April Watts deals with a painful recovery after getting breast implants, and next week's episode shows she may have some addiction issues with the pain killers too.

Yo-Yo remembers Tupac and Nipsey Hussle and urges people to put the guns down, while Lyrica and A1's marriage continues to fall apart.

Apryl and Moniece make amends, for now, Lyrica is upset about A1 and Summer Bunni; Apple Watts is ready to pop off on Summer Bunni and Yoyo tries to keep the situation calm.

Alejandra claims she released Teairra Mari's sex tape then says that she lied just to cover for Teaira Mari, Moniece and Princess Love surprise everyone with a mature decision, and more.

Safaree puts the rumors about him and Lyrica to rest, Apple Watts and Shun Love are over, RoccStar gets called out for being petty and shady.

The reality star claims she was trying to make a point about how prevalent and dangerous colorism is in our community.

RoccStar is the newest person to get dragged into Teairra Mari's revenge porn drama because he promises her cousin that he'll protect her.

Teairra Mari's decision to keep seeing Akbar doesn't sit right with her girls, Lyrica and A1 have a gender reveal, Marcus is just as messy as Brooke, and more.

Akbar has proof that he and Teairra Mari have still been seeing each other despite the legal drama, K. Michelle and Paris come face to face again, and more.

Nikki decides to cut her London trip early because everyone is getting on her nerves, Lyrica and A1 try to force their parents to get back on the same page again with frustrating results, and more.

A1 and Lyrica work toward a better future but their relatives and persistent rumors about Safaree and Lyrica threaten their relationship.