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Yo-Yo remembers Tupac and Nipsey Hussle and urges people to put the guns down, while Lyrica and A1's marriage continues to fall apart.


Seeing how close his mother had come to losing her life forced Alonso to focus on how money could be a tool to provide for him and his loved ones.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office are looking for a white man in his 40s driving a red pick-up truck. The motive for the killing is unknown.

Michelle Booker-Hicks doesn't play around when it comes to her kids.

We've always been down for the cause. All straight. No chaser.

The women detail their brave journeys to healing after experiencing life-altering trauma. 

Emma González was clear that she looks up to someone else other than the Trump supporting rapper.

A group of African American Parkland, Florida school shooting survivors will rally with the Rev. Al Sharpton in June against gun violence in front of President Donald Trump’s New York apartment.

"I hope that the ongoing leadership of black people is respected and heard in next steps towards better gun control," said organizer Agunda Okeyo.

This is how David Hogg is reconciling and leveraging his white privilege.

A man has been brought before a judge in the shooting death of Rihanna‘s cousin, Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne. According to, a man named Shawayne Dashawn Williams has been arrested and charged with murder in connection with the December 26 incident. Williams, 23, was set to appear in court today for his arraignment, but there […]