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Meagan Good’s longtime struggle with her eyebrows isn’t new to us because, like many of us, we’ve gone through it with her. Something as simple as eye browns makes a big difference on your face and if you’ve struggled with scare hair there, you understand why Meagan Good opted for a brow transplant.

Following a 90s trend, The Intruder actress began plucking her eyebrows until they eventually stopped growing back. Good then tried tattooing, which worked for a while. But after years of the tattoo method, she noticed over time the lines began to spread. “The lines weren’t as defined,” she revealed. Always seeking the latest eyebrow innovation, she tried microblading. “That was fine too, but as I got older I realized that my face looked a little harsher and more tired when I had them that way.”

Leading her to Dr. Champagne, a hair restoration surgeon, who transformed her one tattooed brows into the brows she rocks today.

Good found out about the procedure through Amber Rose. “I actually saw Amber Rose had got a transplant,” she revealed. “So I researched the doctor. I went and met with him, saw a bunch of before and after pictures I was like, ‘this is life.'”

Explaining how it works, she said,

“They take out like a small portion of the back of your hair, sew it back up. And then they take that little portion of hair, and it’s kinda like when men are losing their hair, it’s the same thing, put in your brows. But this guy, Dr Champagne is amazing because he specializes in brow shape for your face.”

Despite its bloody appearance, Good says it wasn’t painful. “I was like sitting in the surgery and I was like, ‘Let me see what that looks like.’ But he was like, ‘No, I don’t think you should see with it open.’ I was like, ‘Just let me see. And he let me see and and I was like, ‘Oh, this is crazy. This is really cool.”

Meagan has seemingly become the brow spokesperson for Dr. Champagne. In an interview with our sister site MadameNoire, Good opened up about her role in The Intruder and being celibate until marrying her husband Devon Franklin.


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