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A few days after Katt Williams came for her neck on Instagram, Hazel E is finally clapping back and setting the record straight.

First off, the “Love & Hip Hop” star stressed that she isn’t worried about how the world sees her.

“I use to care what people thought about me, until one Day I tried to pay bills with their opinions.”

Then this is where it went off the rails.

See, someone commented saying, “Katt said you are getting s****d on in Dubai..those are terrible allegations. Maybe you should clear the air.”

This is when Hazel unleashed about her ex-boyfriend:

“Only if he stays out of jails for 72 hrs…I ain’t going back and forth with no Bigg I haven’t seen or spoken to since August of 2016 when he ran off with my money.,,the had the fbi come to my house and my mothers house looking for his unpaid taxes…tink tink better take his meds and relax.”


As we previously reported, the Emmy winner recently spilled some serious tea about Hazel claiming that she is an atheist and ugly, didn’t like being Black and allegedly dated a murderer.

On her not believing in God:

“Truthfully, that’s why I left her — the b***h is a got damn atheist,”  he continued. “I told her, ‘Before God, I was the king of the n****s.’ This b***h said, ‘I don’t believe in God or n****s.’ I said, ‘B***h, if you don’t get your satanic, demonic, I-wanna-be-a-cracker in the face a**s up out here, b***h. I will call down the ghost of Sojourner Truth to walk up yo motherf****n’ street.’ What in the Harriet Tubman is this light-skinned ugly b***h talking about? How the f**k is you light-skin and ugly?”

On Hazel’s much younger ex Rose Burgundy being a murderer:

“Remember she showed up with that lil’ boy that was like 19?” he asked. “That n***a was a full fledged killer and she had that n***a out here on motherf****n’ red carpets and s**t with a bow tie on. If you don’t get 17 felonies the f**k up out of the Littlefoot premiere, you crossed the line, don’t believe in Jesus a**s b***h.”

He also accused Hazel of selling herself to men in Dubai in exchange for sexual favors.

This situation continues to get messier and messier as the days go on. Why can’t we all just get along?


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