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HBOs Insecure Block Party

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Season 3 of Insecure went by super fast! It’s hard to believe that tonight’s episode is the season finale, but it is. Tonight’s episode is a lot about introspection, which is perfect since Issa’s 30th birthday is coming up! Molly has a surprise that her girl will love.

Meanwhile, Lawrence meets up with his father and talks about life, including Issa. He tells his father that all the women he has been dealing with since Issa have been too demanding and that dating for him hasn’t been easy like his and his mom’s relationship. His pops is just looking at him like…

It’s a naive perspective. That point is driven home when Papa Lawrence lets him know that he and Mama Lawrence have been through some ish.

“Your mom and I had matching luggage!”


In other news, Issa has put her block party planning on hold because getting it together has been harder than she thought. Molly got co-lead on a major case at work. Taurean is the other lead, but Molly was shady in how she got the case in the first place (she undercut him). That is going to prompt major introspection on her part later on.

Now it’s Issa day! Molly goes to pick her girl up for a day of fun and bumps into Nathan. Yes, Nathan. He has some flowers thinking he’s about to make amends but Molly shuts him down. Apparently, he has been ghost for a month and Molly tells him to go away because he’s not about to mess up Issa’s birthday. He does as he’s told for now.

Molly’s surprise is taking Issa to a blackbuster night in the park. They’re watching The Last Dragon, one of Issa’s favorite movies. Lawrence came out too because it’s also one of his favorite movies. That becomes clear when they bump into each other and say lines from one of their favorite scenes.

Lawrence then joins his boys, Chad and Mike ,and learns that Chad’s fiancee took him back, even after the cheating scandal. Lawrence is shocked but Chad said he had to do a lot of begging but he wasn’t trying to “do this couple shit all over again.” Plus, it’s how love works (in his mind). You see where this is going, right? Lawrence and Issa are probably not getting back together (anytime soon), but you can tell that Lawrence is reconsidering a lot of things in terms of how relationships can work. He even heads back to Issa’s blanket with her favorite snack just to wish her a happy birthday and their vibe is super cool. Issa also gets to talk to the founder of the blackbuster night, a woman she also met at Tiffany’s baby shower who obviously has similar interests. She even confirms that event planning for the love and with no real budget is no joke and inspires Issa to try to get the block party poppin’ again.

Issa and Molly take it back to Issa’s place for a slumber party. Then Molly tells Issa that she ran Nathan away because she didn’t want any drama on her 30th and of course Issa is pissed because she would have rather handled that herself. Then Issa says Molly has a habit of throwing people away and being negative and that she assumes the worst in everyone. This even shows up at work. Molly assumed that Taurean was coming for her neck and canceled him out when it came to competition. Molly just sees it as this is how she has to be to get what she wants but Issa says what is she going to do at work when everyone hates her, “Because this isn’t her. This has never been her.”

Then we cut to Molly at work. Molly learns that Taurean has joined another case since Molly is capable of handling it on her own. But it feels weird, and we get the sting is when she sees Taurean meet up with two other co-workers to actually work together on another case. They offer a begrudging, “Congratulations,” and look at her like…

You can tell they feel some type of way, not about Molly having ambition. It’s more about Molly allowing that ambition to steamroll and isolate people. This prompts her to do some introspection and she even calls Andrew, #AsianBae, to apologize for being a jerk and she actually shows some vulnerability. We finally see Molly with her mask off.

Issa links with the organizer of the blackbuster night and she has all types of knowledge about how to find partners and make the block party happen. it looks like the beginning of a nice partnership and even friendship but then in another scene, we see that same friend meet up with Lawrence for drinks. He met her at the baby shower too and this is looking like a date.

That’s going to make things really awkward.

Finally, Nathan meets up with Issa to apologize, talmbout he went back to Houston because he was dealing with a lot of stuff. He doesn’t know how to explain what this stuff is but he gets really down and negative and he can’t talk to people sometimes and he didn’t want to put her through that.

Issa translates it to, “You ghosted me and left LA because you were in a bad mood?”

But what it really seems like is that Nathan may be dealing with depression and doesn’t know how or is ashamed to communicate that. He does seem to genuinely be contrite and offers an apology.

Issa expresses that she needs some time to think about some things and figure out what she wants, so she goes in her house, puts some finishing touches on her apartment and lives her best life alone.

Nathan will be back though. He claims that he’s here now and hopes they can talk.

They’ll talk again, but we’ll have to wait a year before we see what comes of their relationship…or lack thereof.


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