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Most of you reading this have probably never thought of pampering your vagina. Yes, you may do the maintenance trim and wax thing and you keep your genitals squeaky clean as a part of your daily showering, but what about some real TLC? When I made my appointment to visit the UpSpa for a vagacial (yes, facial for your vagina), I was equal parts nervous and excited. I’ve never pussied out of vagina convos, but there was still something in me that felt antsy about having a technician really get to know my vag up close and personal.

When I arrived at the Upper East Side location I was greeted by the spa’s owner, Ashley. She warmly greeted me with a glass of wine with fruit. Ashley is super easy going and easy to talk to, which takes the edge off of any discomfort you would feel. Ashley performed my wax before the facial using the hard wax technique.  After my wax, I was led into a room for my four step vagacial. I asked Ashley some questions about the whole process. Here’s what she had to say:

Can you talk about the benefits of hard wax versus strip wax?

There are many types wax and also many types of hard wax! “Hard wax” just simply means that the wax is stripless. (doesn’t use paper or material to get it up). Our hard wax in particular is very gentle on the skin, because of there are soo many benefits. One of them being that it doesn’t adhere to the skin, because of that we can wax large areas at a time and/or go over an area more than once if necessary because  the wax won’t rip up the skin. Another great fact is that because it only adheres to hair, the more consistent you are the less painful waxing becomes. Asca result of waxing your hair grows more dense and sparse. With the wax the less hair you have and the less strength your hair has the less painful your experience will be.

How did you come up with the Vagacial process?

I had been working with a very large waxing company and have trained their waxers, trainers ect. With that being said I have done many Brazilians and in the process got to recognize alot of the common and uncommon skin issues women have in that area. My original background was in skincare so I have always worked together with my clients to keep their skin clean and clear. As we began to see great results, I began to learn all of the different treatments we could use for different issues. I also used masks on myself for periods of time so that I could speak from a point of knowing how everything works and feels. I can help clients better if I can speak from experience.

Can you tell me about each step? What does steaming do? What does the UV? light thing do? Can you tell me about the 24k gold mask I received?

Well without giving away all of the experience here… each step is designed to care for your skin at every layer. In most cases we wax first! We need all of the skin to be bare so we can treat it properly. Getting a vagacial directly after a wax is the most effective because we get to treat your pores from the root! Steaming helps to keep the pores open as well as moisturize. Internally, there are many benefits of steaming from refreshing the vaginal walls to help ease the pain cramping. The High frequency (UV Light thing lol) helps to target the skin beneath the surface layer. It kills bacteria, stimulates circulation and collagen production, and helps to product to penetrate deeper while closing pores. The variety of enzyme masks (24kt mask being one of them) we use are each to target specific skin care treatments. All them rubberize as they dry. Finally we put a special moisturizing serum on that we have made by hand specifically for UP Spa.

Why do you think it’s important for women to pamper their vagina?

It’s important for women to pamper themselves in all ways. Our vaginas are attached to us. It’s where we give birth; it’s something we share, and we use them everyday! We literally have a hole that opens up to inside of our body. Taking great care of that area is essential not only to our women hood but to our confidence.

What would you tell women who are afraid of trying it?

Never be afraid to take care of yourself! Set out to be the best version of yourself everyday! Going the extra level to care for your vagina is 100% an Upgrade! Upgrade yourself!

I have to say that I can echo Ashley’s sentiments that I walked out feeling like I upgraded myself. I had a pep in my step because between my legs felt shiny and refreshed. For more info on UpSpa, visit their site here.


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