It's graduation season! Celebrities have flocked to social media like all proud parents to share their excitement. From Pre-K to college and beyond, celebrity kids are excelling and getting older. Congratulations to all.

“We were beautiful and broken,” she says. “A secret society of women made up of women from all walks of life."


In light of the recent fraught discourse on immigration in America under Donald Trump, teen artist and writer Citlali Perez penned a touching piece on her father's struggle as a Mexican-American immigrant

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The renown activist breaks her silence following her attendance at the annual Savior's Day event.

Having a new boo doesn't mean you have to take all new nudes.

After a long proverbial republican reign, the state of Alabama elected democrat Doug Jones over Roy Moore in a special election on Tuesday night. And in the same evening Black women–the undefeated kickstand of America, quietly strolled into polling centers across the Cotton State, maybe possessed by the spirits of the unnamed, underserved Black women […]

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Many women encounter sexual harassment at some point in their careers. Here's what you can do if you're terrified to report inappropriate behavior.

An Instagram model said LeBron James slid into her DMs, and it looks like she’s got receipts. But are they valid? When LeBron isn’t winning championships, he’s busy going spending time with his family or helping the youth. That, or he’s spending date night with this life. LeBron leads a pretty busy life, but model […]

R.Kelly was spotted on a night out with the woman whose family has accused him of kidnapping her. It was all smiles when R.Kelly posed for a picture with Jocelyn Savage. The Jasmine Brand reports that she came along as his guest to Snoop Dogg‘s wife’s birthday party in Los Angeles this week. With Jocelyn, […]