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The whole spectacle began over a monument in Marietta, Georgia, named after a Confederate soldier.

That’s when Cobb County resident Mary Stevens shared her two cents, arguing that removing Gen. Joseph Johnston’s name was historically inaccurate.

Stevens pulled out all the stops, even sharing a pamphlet which tracked the population of free southern Blacks from 1790-1860.

“And you see, every decade there is an increase in free blacks in the South as opposed to in the North,” said Stevens. “So had slavery been so bad for the freed slaves, they would have left the South.”

Not sure how the pamphlet helped with her argument, since of course there was an influx of free Blacks in the south being that the Emancipation Proclamation was signed in 1863. Stevens went on to argue that slavery was not just exclusive to white people, “Every race throughout history has either had slaves or been slaves at one time or another.”

Well into her lengthy tirade when a Black woman named Lisa Cupid, who serves as the Cobb County District 4 Commissioner, decided it was time to stop the madness.

Later Cupid shared remarks, saying she was “deeply offended” by Stevens’ argument. You can hear her commentary at the 6:00 minute point in the video.

“I am not here to refute the fact that there may have been slaves other than persons who were African-American, but there is numerous documentation and historical evidence that [the] chattel slavery that blacks were subject to in America was not comparable to that of any other race,” Stevens said.

“And I also want to address the point that had it been so bad for slaves they would have left the South,” she continued. I find that statement equally offensive.”

Watch the jaw dropping moment above.


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