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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta isn’t as dense and juicy as usual because a lot of the cast of characters aren’t featured. But, of the ones who do appear, it’s drama as usual. We start with Sierra hanging out with her new boyfriend, BK Brasco. He’s tired of her always venting about Shooter. It’s making him think that she still loves Shooter. She probably does, but her story is that she’s only venting to BK because he’s supposed to be her best friend but BK Brasco, you, me and Captain Obvious know it’s deeper than that.


Scrapp DeLeon isn’t getting out as soon as KK thought and so that is obviously disturbing. She takes her sorrows over to Momma Dee’s place. That’s where we learn that Ernest is back on drugs, and that’s part of why they’re currently separated.

Everybody got problems.

Stevie J and Estelita are sleeping with each other again.


In other words, Estelita is back in Stevie’s pocket. She has feelings for him but she’s pretending to go along with going with the flow. He claims he’s not trying to put a label on what they’re doing. And we all know this is that this a recipe for the usual messiness. It will hit the fan.


Just Brittany and Keely get into it during a meeting for Stevie’s upcoming showcase. Basically, Just Brittany is annoyed with Stevie because he keeps trying to dangle her contract over her head. He’s saying that she can’t perform if she doesn’t sign the contract. Brittany brings this up to Stevie and for some reason, Keely, who was supposed to be helping Brittany turns on her. Just Brittany storms out of the meeting and Estelita and Keely convince Stevie that she’s unprofessional.


Brittany should be happy that she dodged but she can’t just leave this alone. She needs answers from Keely. So, later on, they two of them meet up to discuss their differences and it doesn’t go well, obviously. They end up in a shouting match and try to throw hands, but you already know Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta security goons shut that down. Brittany storms out again, but not before Keely tells her that she’ll make sure that she never works in this industry again.

You know, because Keely is a big bad music industry professional.


Anyway, more drama next week when Tommie and Spice face off.


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