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We pick up tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta from Erica’s meltdown. Erica is outside berating the security guards and talking about unleashing the old Erica Mena while Mimi is trying to keep Estelita and Just Brittany from melting down.

Erica isn’t officially one of Stevie’s artists, but Stevie wanted her to be part of the Danger Zone dysfunctional family and she’s considering it, especially since there’s a showcase coming up. Later on, Erica apologizes to Mimi and Brittany’s manager, Keely, for her behavior and Keely pulls a snake move by revealing that Just Brittany was extra emotional because it turns out that she’s sleeping with Stevie too.

Any good manager would know better than to let some information like this slip, but we know what show this is so whatever.


Brittany is not going to be happy when she finds out her cover was blown. Yes, Keely basically delivered us a memo from Captain Obvious with this information, but it was still messed up.

Speaking of Keely, she is quite messy boots. Let’s fast forward to Yung Joc’s roast. Keely and Shooter are friends so Keely backs Shooter in feeling some type of way about Sierra because she “didn’t support him” when he was grieving his son. Sierra did show up to the funeral. What else was she supposed to do and why does this trifling man expect anything more after what he has done to her?

Anyway, Shooter and Keely run into Tokyo Vanity and Karlie Redd outside the roast and express their displeasure with Sierra. Their discussion gets heated because Tokyo and Karlie are sticking up for their girl, but they disperse before it gets to the point where people fake fight, (because you know Love and Hip-Hop security would never let hands connect).

You also know that Karlie Redd and Tokyo go right to Sierra to tell her about this encounter.

Next, Kirk’s daughter is on a mission to try to help Kirk get Rasheeda back. She informs him that there was a sexy buff man in Pressed doing some maintenance work and that Rasheeda has been working out with this man too. This makes Kirk think that Rasheeda is open to moving on and that’s all it takes to make him jealous as if he wasn’t capable of this basic logic before cheating on Rasheeda multiple times and fathering a child outside of their marriage.


So now he’s on a mission to continue ruining Rasheeda’s life by moving back in the house. Hold that thought.

Now let’s get back to Stevie. He invites Estelita to a photo shoot to discuss serious business because this is the perfect place to do so. Estelita is pretending that she’s still pissed off at him for not telling her about his legal issues and not doing enough for her career. However, she quickly forgets once Stevie starts gaming her by telling her she’s his favorite. Estelita tells him he needs to make that clear to Just Brittany and he says he will. That’s all it takes to get her puppet strings back in line.


Back to Kirk. This dirty dog rolls up to he and Rasheeda’s home with a moving truck and boxes thinking he’s just going to strong-arm his way back into the house. Rasheeda plays tough at first, and you almost root for her when she tells the movers to keep the boxes in the truck. She also tells Kirk that him moving back in is a decision that they will make together. Kirk starts telling her about how he heard about the sexy man she has been working with and how he misses her. Obviously, they wouldn’t be in this situation if it weren’t for him. But let’s cut to the chase, Rasheeda’s tough act is weak because in the end, she lets him move back in. She talks about missing him and him being the father of her kids, yatta yatta. Whatever. He comes back like he knew he’d be able to. Rasheeda’s stipulations are that he stays on his side of the house and “there will be rules,” despite the fact that she mentioned, earlier in this conversation, that he doesn’t respect her boundaries.


How Rasheeda hasn’t managed to stab Kirk by now is amazing. She obviously has a high threshold for disrespect.

Anyway, the episode ends with Sierra confronting Shooter about his lies and cheating and he does what you think—deflect and makes it seem like she’s crazy and that these are all just rumors. He only kinda sorta owns up to the two-year-old that he might have. He comes from the Kirk Frost School of Excuses so his answer is, “There’s a girl running around talking ‘bout she could be pregnant by me.”


And that’s pretty much where we leave off. It’s also clear that Sierra inexplicably still has feelings for Shooter so we’ll deal with this next week.


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