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Woman Voter Entering Voting Polling Place for USA Government Election

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Reason #1,908 why Black women are so amazing.

For the special election in Alabama earlier this week, a sharecropper, Perman Hardy, drove ten hours to ensure that dozens of Black voters in Lowndes county could get to the polls to help Democrat Doug Jones to defeat Republican Roy Moore.

According to, Hardy, 59, personally drove more than 50 people on Tuesday.

‘My goal is to make sure everyone votes. That’s always been my goal. This is what I do every election,’ she told

The importance of casting a vote was a motto that she pushed on the community, even if they had some reservations. noted that one woman, Susan Mae Holcombe, 79, was worried that she wasn’t dressed properly to visit Collirene’s Old Bethel Baptist Church to vote.

“This is such a crucial moment. It’s so crucial. You’ve got to vote,” Hardy told Holcombe in her living room after showing up at her house Tuesday afternoon.

“It will only take a couple of minutes; you’ll be back in the house in 10 minutes.”

After all was said and done, Holcombe says she was glad that she voted.

“It’s a blessing,” Holcombe said. “I want Doug Jones to win so the kids can go to school and have something for themselves.”

For Hardy, this was also about the importance of her community having hope.

‘We’re in an epidemic poverty county so it’s so important for us to vote today,’ she told ‘I took some people today who’ve never cast a ballot before.’

While many are calling her a hero, Hardy doesn’t see it that way.

“Don’t ask me how I do it, don’t ask me how. It’s just what I do,’ she said. “Everyone’s got a purpose and God made me a person who goes out and serves the public and serves the community.”

At the end of each Election Day, Hardy says she is able to look at herself in the mirror and know that she she used her power to help others realize their own.

“If you can’t reach down and pick somebody up, just don’t do anything at all. But don’t ask me how I do it, don’t ask me how. It’s just what I do,” she said.

“Everyone’s got a purpose and God made me a person who goes out and serves the public and serves the community.”

Democratic Senate Candidate Doug Jones Holds Election Night Watch Party In Birmingham

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It’s not a secret that the Black vote made the difference in the outcome of the state’s senate election.

Exit polls showed that 29 per cent of the Alabama electorate were Black voters, a higher turn out than voted in the Barack Obama elections in the state. In addition, 96 per cent of Black folks who voted cast their ballot for Democrat Doug Jones.

Bravo to Hardy! This is what civic commitment looks like!


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