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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta picks up with Kim and Kenya acting like they’re going to scrap at Nene’s all White Party. They end up not throwing hands because security (and Kroy) got them together swiftly. Kroy removes Kim from the home while Kenya stays, and everyone else stays behind to pick up the pieces, literally (glass, knocked over tables etc).

Kim, Kroy and Sheree head over to Porsha’s house after the party (Porsha doesn’t live far, but NeNe didn’t invite her) and spill all the tea about what happened at NeNe’s place. Porsha is on Kim’s side because you know she doesn’t like Kenya.


Sheree pays Kandi a visit to spill the tea like the carrier pigeon she is. Kandi wasn’t present for the drama because she has been busy shooting Essence magazine covers, etc. Sheree dishes all the drama that happened between Kim and Kenya to Kanda Kandi, and in the same breath mentions that she has a trip to San Francisco coming up and thinks it’s a good idea to invite all the girls, even Kim and Kenya, who Sheree claims were respectively invited before the beef got well done.  


Fast forward to San Francisco. The gang’s mostly all present and then some. Kim decided not to go on the trip since Kenya would be there. Someone finally made a smart decision before hopping on a plane to one of these dramaful girls trips. Props to Kim. NeNe and Kenya show up a little later, almost missing their flight, and Marlo, the then some who was invited by NeNe, will be joining them later.

And now we’re at first the group dinner. Marlo has shown up by now, and it’s kind of awkward because she wasn’t invited. Then, Sheree gives a toast talking smack about how she wants the group to get back together and how certain people need to hash it out. First, we start with NeNe and Porsha. They keep going back and forth, pointing fingers about who did what and who came for who–surprise, surprise. It goes nowhere and actually ends when them exchanging “f–k you” back and forth.

We’ll pick this back up next week.


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