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Tonight’s mostly drama-free episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta focuses more on the ladies’ personal situations vs rehashing old beef at frivolous brunches. First, we begin with Porsha discussing plans for building her empire. One of the things she wants to focus on is opening a salon, and her sister is her business partner. Hold that thought though, because there’s a lot more to this than it may seem.

Cynthia is milking the single life this season. She goes on a date with a man that she actually seems to like. She’s extremely impressed with him and thinks he’s the male version of her. They toast to real friendship and you get the feeling we’ll see him again, but if he’s like Cynthia then he’s also a commitment-phobe, so let’s not get comfortable.


Kandi is all business as usual. She’s going to have to get a new personal assistant as Carmon is leaving to start her own business in insurance. Kenya is still trying to convince everyone how in love she is, and of course, refuses to show her husband on camera.


Back to Porsha. She and her sister meet up with financial advisors to discuss Porsha’s vision for the salon. Porsha grossly underestimated how long it would take her to be in business. She thought it would be up and running in three months, but it’s going to be more like nine months because, permits and logistics, duh. Anyway, Lauren jumps in with some questions and concerns of her own, and Porsha starts to get snippy. Once the advisors leave, Porsha and Lauren get into it. Basically, Porsha feels like Lauren has been harboring negative feelings against her for a while and that feeling is correct. This becomes clear when Lauren reveals that she’s annoyed that Porsha keeps calling it her salon even though Lauren is her partner. But then we get to the meat of it.

Porsha is getting 85% of their business endeavors and doesn’t seem to think this is an issue.


Of course, Lauren feels some type of way!


Sheree is planning a big party for her mom’s 70s-themed party for her 70th birthday, which is a few hours away, and it’s as hectic as you might imagine. In fact, there are a lot of odds and ends that aren’t even close to being tied up and the event planner is MIA for most of the day until she finally just calls and cancels, citing that there’s some tension that’s not in align with her business practices.

Uh…what’s up with Sheree and party planners?

You know Sheree is livid. What kind of event planner would cancel a few hours away from the actual event? As if she didn’t know that Sheree was a difficult client from the beginning.

Side eye.

Sheree is so pissed that she takes her mic off and she’s over filming, but not before letting that unprofessional planner have it.


However, Sheree is a survivor and manages to pull through and get the party together herself. Everyone shows up and has a good time, including Mama Whitfield, who dropped it like it’s hot and generally doesn’t look a day over 30. All goes well at Chateau Sheree.

The episode ends on an anxiety-filled note. Gregg has been having issues with his heart. At one point, his heart rate gets so dangerously low that he has to get a serious procedure done. Nene understandably struggles to keep it cool and we end the episode with her in the waiting room in tears.


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