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Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, sat down with “Good Morning America,” to reveal her thoughts on the events surrounding her husband’s death and the political fallout which ensued afterwards.

Sgt. Johnson was one of four green berets killed during an ambush in Niger on October 4. The attack raised unanswered questions regarding the events leading up to the ambush and whether or not the brigade was equipped with enough intelligence prior to.

The grieving widow tugged on the heartstrings of the nation after footage of her crouched over with grief on top of her husband’s casket went viral.

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“He died as a hero,” she said to host George Stephanopoulos during the emotional interview.

Johnson, still reeling from the death of her husband who was laid to rest over the weekend, expressed how devastated she was after a discouraging phone call with President Trump last week.

The matters surrounding the call were brought to light by Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, a close friend of the Johnson family. Wilson alleged that Trump told Johnson, “he knew what he signed up for,” in regards to her husband. Trump has repeatedly denied the accusation, but Johnson and Wilson stand by their claims.

Johnson also again stated that the most troublesome part of the phone call was that Trump did not recollect her husband’s name.

“[Pres. Trump] couldn’t remember my husband’s name. … That’s what hurt me the most,” Johnson said.

Johnson also told Stephanopoulos that she was not allowed to see her husband’s body and remains baffled as to why it took 48 hours to find his remains. She also said she was not given the full details of the events leading to her husband’s death.

Johnson, who is pregnant with the couple’s third child, said she would make sure that her unborn child is aware of her father’s legacy.

“I’m going to tell her how awesome her dad was and how a great father he was and how he died as a hero,” she said.

Watch the whole interview above.



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