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Ice T‘s wife, Coco Austin debuted a new hairstyle on Instagram that left many people serving her some serious side eye. Coco posted a video showing off her new hairstyle for Summer, long blonde micro cornrows, braided to one side.

The braids are beautiful and shout out to her hairstylist, which she showed love too on Instagram; however, things took a sharp left turn to the no-White people zone, when she decided to name this style “Da Coco Swoop.”


Like your best friend didn’t have this style with some beads at the end in the 90’s or your homegirl LaQuisha from the block didn’t decide to rock this during the Spring with a fellaini twist. Coco had slight amnesia, ignoring that Beyoncé wore this style for Lemonade in 2016. In the 70’s, this hairstyle was rocked by jazz musician Patrice Rushen. Cornrows and braids have been around for centuries.

Coco must have momentarily forgotten her White privilege when she decided to culturally appropriate this hairstyle in a blink of an eye. Here in lies the greater problem of White privilege: it’s one thing to admire or even try a hairstyle and another thing to completely claim it as your own. Coco turned into the Christopher Columbus of cornrows.

Ice T got in his feelings and started telling people ‘how dumb’ they sound for calling Coco out.

Ice T needs to rise up on out of the sunken place and correct his wife.

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