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Recently much ado has been made about superstar Rihanna’s physical appearance, as she appears to be rocking a lovely, curvier figure these days. In true cyber-bullying fashion, she has been called practically every derogatory name you can think of all because of how she wants to look. However, if you know anything about Rihanna, you know she is the queen of clapbacks and she responded to the recent nonsense as only she can.

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Celebrities, especially female celebrities, are often subjected to intense scrutiny whenever the issue surrounds their weight, as if it’s anyone’s business in the first place. Fashion icon, pop/R&B superstar, actress and all around badass Rihanna is the latest celebrity to have to deal with the Internet’s opinion of how her body should look, but rather than ignore it she responded on Instagram.

Posting a meme featuring the dramatic transformation of rapper Gucci Mane, Rihanna finally responded to the recent criticism and silenced all the haters in the process. While critics were writing think pieces about her weight and online trolls were leaving hateful Internet comments, Riri was sitting back taking it all in and proving that she is always cool under pressure. Rihanna is a gorgeous woman who is free to look however she wants without the interfering appearance of others. In other words, lay off Riri and worry about your own body.

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