The Q: What Is Your Personal Anthem?


We all can agree that music is a powerful form of expression. It can affect how we feel, react, move, and encourage specific behavior. It is a versatile tool in exercising freedom and artistic expression, and most people can relate to it in some way. We all connect to a particular song for one reason or another. Music can lighten the mood when one is stressed out, invoke happiness, or cause multiple emotions to fire off all at once.

We don’t just listen to music — sometimes we use it in our lives for strategic reasons, for example as a personal anthem on big days, or just simply to remind us who we are.

In the video series The Q, Team Beautiful challenged some of our favorite social media personalities that we know have varying perspectives on just about everything in life to pick a song that perfectly captures the essence of who they are.

Each influencer provided heartfelt and silly answers to the basic, yet unexpected question we’re all dying to know. The video features DJ Olivia Dope; who you may have seen spinning an assortment of well-selected woven tracks at the hottest industry events; Cory Townes, your favorite online contributor; our very own digital project manager Brandon Bouknight; Ashley Outrageous, host of Cruise 95 on 1 AM Radio on Dash Radio, among others.

We tapped Jamal Jimoh, well-known social media personality and co-host of the podcast Marisa Explains It All, to pose the thought-provoking question, “What is your personal anthem?”

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