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The Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta gang’s all here, plus a few new faces, for season 6. Tonight’s premiere opens with pregnant Joseline and Stevie’s drama. They’re not on good terms, especially because Stevie doesn’t believe that he is the father of Joseline’s child. We know by now that he is the father, but we’ll get to watch this theme drag on throughout the season. As a matter of fact, the drama starts early because Joseline has someone serve Stevie with child support papers (pending a DNA test).

Yung Joc and his Little Richard-style bouffant is back, and he’s kind of on again with Karlie Redd. They don’t know whether they’re official or not, so you know where this is going on the drama-meter (all the way up). Mimi is still swimming in the lady pond. Tammy isn’t with Waka Flocka (they’ve long gotten back together by now), so she’s pretending that she’s done with him. Rasheeda and Kirk are having marital issues again, but she’s trying to down play it (or be delusional about the situation). We also meet newbie Melissa Scott, a top promoter and entrepreneur in Atlanta. She’s especially noted in the LGBTQ community.

Now let’s get to the juice.

Joseline has a masquerade party to drop some new music with Young Dro. No one cares about that, though. The real tea is that Karlie Redd discovers that Joc’s party guest, Jasmine — who is also a newbie cast member and former exotic dancer — recently had a baby and claims that baby belongs to Kirk Frost.


Jasmine says she wasn’t going to tell anyone and admits that doing this at a party definitely wasn’t a good look. You don’t say? Anyway, she opened Pandora’s box because Kirk shows up to the party, and when confronted by this he acts clueless. Seriously, it’s really painful to watch him drown in his denial. He had the nerve to pull the, “I don’t know her” card, and looks even more sus when he asks Jasmine, “What would she be doing f—ing a married man if she knew he was married?”

Not two old, tired tricks—flipping the script, and deny, deny, deny.


It’s important to note that Jasmine actually isn’t just trying to stir up trouble for the sake of being the messy side chick (but cameras do help). She has a boyfriend named Rod Bullock whom, according to some of the other cast members, is a major scammer and all around terrible person.


Kirk, shook that Karlie is going tell Rasheeda, races home to beat her to it. His terribly fragmented version of the story paints Karlie as this deranged person spreading rumors about him “having a baby with a chick,” and then “some drunk broad” came stumbling from the bar accusing him of fathering her child. His story is just as lame as you think. Rasheeda starts questioning him to try to make sense of these alternative facts, and even gave him the chance to tell the truth, but he claims he never slept with the woman.


Rasheeda takes his word for it for now, and Kirk is lucky because this conversation was happening in the kitchen near knives. They’re going to humor a DNA test “just because,” and if it’s his baby Rasheeda plans to enter him into a new level of trouble—allegedly.  You know how the women on this franchise do when dealing with their low down dirty husbands. They try to act all tough and like they’re over it and get right back with them about a week later.


The status of this is unclear, but Kirk is being sued by Jasmine in real life, so we can only assume the worst.

Anyway, the episode concludes with Joseline and Stevie meeting up to discuss this DNA drama that we already know the outcome for, but it’s going to be fun to watch it unfold.


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