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Part two of this Love & Hip-Hop: Exposed and Uncensored non-reunion special opened with the overflow of Joseline’s pregnancy test, but then segued into some couples talk. Hold that thought on the pregnancy test, though. Let’s get to the couples stuff.

Tammy and Waka are working on reconciling, but we knew that already. Chris, Mimi, and Ariane got together with Nina Parker for a segment to talk about sexuality. Chris said she prefers male pronouns. Mimi considers herself sexually fluid, and Ariane said she didn’t understand why Chris wants to be identified as male because she has so many “women tendencies.” Chris said she was offended by Ariane’s sentiment because it felt like an attack against her identity, especially with Ariane being a member of the LGBT community. Ariane apologized, but the peace between them didn’t last long.

Apparently, Chris made a dis record against Mimi so Ariane called her out on it in straight pit-bull mode (and Mimi just sat there pretending to be classy, as usual). Mimi and Ariane seemed to insinuate that Chris got on the show to piggyback off Mimi’s popularity. Chris said she went on the show because she loved Mimi and that she still has feelings for her. Mimi didn’t seem to buy it, but Mimi also doesn’t make the best choices when it comes to romance so as sincere as Chris seemed, it may actually not be real.


Moving on, they spent way too long on the Scrapp, Tiarra, and Tommie saga. KK hates Tiarra again because there’s a rumor floating around that King may not be Scrapp’s biological child.



Tiarra is now married and pregnant, presumably by her new husband. How fast did that happen after taping LHHATL? We’ll probably never know. Karlie and Tiarra have reconciled their friendship for the cameras. Speaking of Karlie, she and Yung Joc have been hanging out again. They’re not a couple again, but they probably will be by the time they tape the next season. Gotta have something to display.


Finally, we get to Momma Dee’s shenanigans. Remember how she dropped hay on the floor at Rasheeda’s boutique? Well, Momma Dee revealed she got the hay from a doggy park.


However, Momma Dee, Rasheeda, and Shirlene seem to have made peace with each other, but there’s some sad news, too. On a more serious note, Ernest has an aneurism on his aorta and doctors say if it bursts, 911 won’t be able to help. This situation has brought them closer together as a couple, and they’re actively working on their issues. In all seriousness, we hope Ernest will be okay.

The Karlie and Lyfe messiness was addressed. Their conversation didn’t go well, but the bottom line is they’re over, and we don’t care. Karlie will find her way to Joc and probably someone else to keep her story line going next season.


Joseline is pregnant, as we’ve already learned from social media, but here we got to watch it unfold. They gave her multiple tests for confirmation and then brought Stevie J in to talk to her. He was skeptical that the baby was his in the first place. Joseline put on the waterworks after Stevie asked her if she had been with anyone else. This then turned into who owed who an apology. Joseline said she doesn’t care what Stevie plans to do because she’s going to have the baby regardless. Eventually, Joseline apologized to Stevie for her behavior toward him. He also apologized to her.


Joseline then dropped the tough-girl act for two seconds and told Stevie she didn’t want to have the baby without him. That’s where cameras left it, but two days after the taping, Stevie and Joseline were back in a social media war.

Producers caught up with them for a follow-up and it’s the same dysfunctional bs. Joseline is back to ranting against Stevie and Stevie is trying to do the passive-aggressive, good-guy routine. He said he just feels like if the child is his then he’ll figure out visitation with a judge, but their relationship is officially donezo.

On to Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood next week!


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