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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder starts with Annalise and Nate meeting outside her house, which is in shambles from the fire. Nate informs her that Atwood is targeting him, too. He doesn’t know how his signature got on the form, but he doesn’t want to go to Denver because he’s afraid they might have other dirt on him.

Flashback to Nate and Wes’ confrontation at her home. Nate tells Wes to take the deal since Annalise is eventually going down and she only protects herself. Wes refuses, given the fact that Annalise has actually been protecting him even after he has “done awful things to her.” He doesn’t go into detail about those awful things, though. However, we know one of those things was killing Sam. The good news is we can kind of rest easy because Nate didn’t kill Wes (and Nate is still bae). Back in the present, Nate tells Annalise that Wes died because he left him at the house.


Annalise meets with her kids to inform them that she’s going down and kind of asks them not to turn snitch. That latter part is still up in the air. Cut to Annalise officially waging war against Atwood and the DA’s office. Basically, she crafted a letter demanding an investigation of Atwood’s misconduct and unlawful actions (allegedly making Wes’s body disappear in order to frame Annalise for murder). If the DA’s office doesn’t investigate then Annalise says she is going in. At the moment, the DAs are trying to act like they’re not going to investigate, but Annalise does have a case, especially since she was held in jail despite Frank’s confession—and got beat down. It’s important to note that Connor and Oliver have decided not to check out the files that Oliver recovered from Annalise’s phone. They claim they don’t want to know, but the files are burning a hole in Oliver’s desktop, so we’ll get back to that later.


Nate finds out that Annalise got the state involved in the case and he’s pissed because now he’ll be investigated, too. Basically, he feels like DAs look out for their own, plus, they think Annalise is a joke now after all that has happened, and there’s generally no winning here. He also doesn’t want Annalise “trying to protect him.” You see where that got him in the past.


Laurel hired a private investigator who discovered the Mahoneys found out that Wes was Wallace’s son, which could be why they killed him. Laurel and the gang present this info to Annalise, and she gets upset because she told them a while ago to leave the Mahoneys alone. They are dangerous people and even she’s scared of them. Laurel presses, saying that maybe they’re working with Atwood to frame her and that it’s up to them to do something about it in honor of Wes. Annalise informs them how she once tried to do the right thing by standing up to the Mahoneys, and they killed her child as a result (finally the cat is out of the bag). She wants them all to stay safe—you know her thing is protecting people (and making things worse in the process). Laurel is not feeling this and tells her that Wes deserved so much better than her.



Connor convinces Oliver to go through the phone records, because of course he couldn’t resist—and he also forgot that the fact that Annalise called him was on record too. Connor never mentioned that Annalise left him a message on the night of the fire so when questioned, he claims he didn’t check his voicemail until the next morning. Oliver drops it, but come to think of it, Connor’s behavior has been extra suspect lately. Asher is the one who catches on to this and mentions it to Michaela. Hold that thought.

The DA’s office calls Annalise, pissed about an article that leaked about this conspiracy against her. Annalise claims she didn’t leak the article (she had Oliver do it, so technically it’s not a lie), and the DA threatens to deny her request for an investigation and to recommend that Frank go up for the death penalty. Nate was right. They protect their own.


Annalise then realizes that Soraya has been way too nice to her in all of this. She confronts Soraya and figures out that Atwood offered her custody of her kids if she pretended to be on Annalise’s side. You know, with the whole sponsor thing. Womp womp.


Memo from Captain Obvious: Atwood is definitely the worst.

At the trial, Frank is representing himself along with Bonnie as co-counsel and he already gets off to a good start. He proves bias and gets the judge to subpoena Atwood (and Atwood got suspended as a result of her conduct). Atwood also finally admitted that she moved Wes’s body, which clears Nate. Then they find out that Wes was cremated, which could mean the case is dropped.


It’s still unclear whether Atwood was working with the Mahoneys, but it’s a strong possibility. The rest of the gang confronts Connor about his shady behavior and then he tells them about the files Oliver has.

Annalise visits Laurel, and they have a tearful exchange about Wes and wanting to find out who did this. Annalise decides that she will move forward with that after all.

Back to Oliver: He finished checking the files and discovered that Connor lied about when he checked his voicemail, and then we flashback to the night Wes died. We see Connor over Wes’ dead body trying to bring him back to life. That doesn’t mean he killed him, but it doesn’t mean he didn’t.


Next week, we finally find out who killed Wes during the two-hour season finale.


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