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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder begins with Bonnie telling Nate that if Annalise goes down she’ll take him with her. Of course Nate is involved! No one in Annalise’s circle is clean. Anyway, we cut back to the moment Frank was trailing Wes. Basically, Frank called Bonnie to tell her that Wes got away. Bonnie tells Frank to follow him, but not to hurt him. Frank promises that he won’t. At first it may seem like Frank is gonna Frank. Right? However, while Frank is a sociopathic psycho, he actually may not be a liar. We’ve seen this play out before.

Anyway, let’s get back to the present…

Annalise and Frank are being tried as co-conspirators in Wes’ death. Annalise is crushed when her parents show up to her hearing (the underlying story there is that Annalise’s mom is starting to show signs of dementia). Laurel gets out of the hospital and has a break down at Wes’ memorial service, and then storms out.

After the memorial, Oliver gets a call from a detective who wants to interview him. They don’t say what it’s about, but we all know. Oliver agrees, but he and the rest of the crew are scared to death. That fear sends them into fight mode and they do a mock interview with Oliver. Surprisingly, Oliver actually handled the real situation well, also known as, he was vague and also lied at times.

Laurel, mid-break down, convinces Nate to let her see Wes one last time and he obliges (after some nudging). However, when Nate opens the body bag, it’s a completely different person. They were both looking like:


Later on, Nate found out that the DA’s lost Wes’ body. He confronts the DA’s and they’re pissed that he even took Laurel there in the first place, because this is Annalise’s ticket to at least get out of jail, for now.


Michaela convinces Laurel to go talk to Frank (with his lawyer present). The idea is for Frank to express remorse, which could help with sentencing. Frank says he’s sorry for what he did. Frank’s lawyer cuts the meeting short when Laurel asks Frank what Wes’ last words were, and somehow this is enough to give Laurel the idea that Frank is innocent.

Back at the DA’s office, Atwood reveals to her boss that Wes’ body is missing. Bonnie then says that she finds it convenient that the body is missing around the same time that she requested a second autopsy. Atwood pushes back, as per the usual, but Bonnie is armed with facts on facts and even pushes the concept that this is a Civil Rights issue—you know, prominent black female being railroaded—but the judge still denied Annalise’s bail. This is definitely a set up.

Annalise, fed up, antagonizes her cellmate by accusing her of molesting her children—you know dang well that doesn’t fly in prison. Said cellmate promptly beat Annalise’s face in, which sent her to the infirmary. Bonnie visits Annalise in the infirmary, takes a photo of her face, and finally, it’s enough to get Annalise out on bond (it’s that pesky Civil Rights issue again).


This brings us to the episode’s end montage. Oliver tells Connor that he saved a copy of what he erased from Annalise’s phone so you know they’re going to check that out. Laurel goes to Wes’ old apartment and smells one of his shirts. Frank calls Bonnie to inform her that he fired his lawyer and that they are now co-counsel. Then Atwood and Denver confront Nate saying they know this is a conspiracy because they found his signature declaring that Wes’ body could be transferred to another morgue. Whaaaaaaaaaaat!

And then…

The final scene shows Nate running into Wes at Annalise’s house. The men respectively greet each other with an ominous, “Hey,” and it looks like it’s about to be on.

But like, Nate a killer? Really? Say it ain’t so.


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