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There was a lot going on during tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder. The episode opens with Frank confessing that he killed Wes. Then we cut to a flashback of Wes talking to Frank in his car. Wes tells Frank that he knows he killed Annalise’s son and that he knows that he killed Rebecca.

Back to Frank’s confession, he recants the gory details of how he did it. The motive is that he killed Wes because of Laurel. He lost it when he found out she was pregnant by Wes. He said he was confessing because Laurel wasn’t supposed to be in the house, and because he can’t take that he hurt her. The problem is, the authorities don’t quite buy his confession (and neither do we). They claim there’s not enough evidence to make the case stick and they think he’s lying out of loyalty to Annalise.


Now we see Annalise being flanked by prosecutors. They want to talk to her about Frank and why he’s so loyal to her. While this is going on, Bonnie is struggling to figure out how to get Annalise out of jail because the DAs on the case, particularly Atwood, are on the war path. They also want Nate back on the case and ask him to talk to Laurel to see if her story checks out. Laurel plays it smart by not speaking to him, which is good because she doesn’t even know Frank confessed. Eventually, she calls Bonnie, which is how she finds out, but something is fishy because she didn’t even know she was pregnant the night of the fire—so now we know, for real, for real, that Frank is lying.


Bonnie tries to have Connor convince Oliver to hack the DA’s office because they have to launch a plan of action since the DA’s have other charges they can stick on Annalise. Connor refuses, generally has another meta meltdown, and then reveals that Oliver knows about Sam.


That’s when Michaela steps up, because she realizes that they’re all on the hook here, taps into her inner-Annalise and urges Oliver to do the hack. They’ve fallen into chaos without Annalise, but Michaela is not trying to go down. Meanwhile, Annalise is being painted in the media as a killer.


Atwood is still being a crab and refuses to charge Frank because, you know, hater. It’s also because if she can’t find anything that will stick, then she’ll get fired for wrongfully indicting Annalise. She makes one more attempt to talk to Frank because she’s still trying to get him to admit he’s lying for Annalise, but that goes nowhere because Frank still refuses to talk. Meanwhile, Annalise is having issues in jail with inmates harassing her. She’s obviously out of her element and is only used to fighting with her mind, despite the fact that it’s clear that she may eventually have to use her fists…or that shank her cellmate offered her.


Oliver’s hack uncovers news that Rebecca’s body has been found and identified (and they later ask Bonnie if Frank killed Rebecca, but it’s not like they really had to ask). This is one of many murders the DAs have tied to Annalise. Cut to Nate’s conversation with Frank. Nate is still trying to get Frank to reveal that he’s lying, but once again, Frank is maintaining his confession. Bonnie then goes to visit Annalise and tells her to put it all on Frank because he owes her. Annalise actually doesn’t want to lie on Frank, but she doesn’t want to die in jail either, so you can see she’s considering something. We know how her brain works, so it’s not just going to be a lie, it’s going to be an all out murder mystery drama.

Bonnie tries to negotiate with Atwood, but you already know this isn’t an easy task. Atwood starts antagonizing Annalise about killing Wes and manipulating vulnerable, broken people to the point where Annalise spazzed out and tried to attack her. Thank goodness for handcuffs! Atwood refused to strike a deal (and we all just want to punch her). Bonnie then goes to Laurel and tells her she can fix it.


Laurel “fixes” it by telling investigators that she got her memory back now that the drugs have worn off, and that she saw Frank leaving the house that night. Finally, the charges stick, but the gag is, Frank is being charged as Annalise’s co-conspirator.


And then we get back to Frank and Wes’s convo in Franks car…

Wes tells Frank that Annalise uses him and that he does whatever she wants like a pet (technically they’re both Annalise’s puppies). He continues reading him for filth, but eventually just gets out of the car and walks away. In the next scene, Nate insists that Frank didn’t do it (because he’s still haunted by the original autopsy results that he got before the coroner changed the cause of death) and tells Atwood to run another autopsy, but she can’t because Frank is already successfully implicated.

Back to Wes walking away from Franks car…

After Wes starts walking away, Frank calls Bonnie and reveals that Wes knows about Rebecca and asks what he should do. Bonnie says to follow him and she’ll get back to him with a plan.

No we’re like, are they framing Annalise? But why would Frank throw himself under the bus to frame Annalise? Lawd. Who knows. Annalise could be the mastermind. She has been know to pull off some twisted ish all in the name of winning.


Hopefully they come up with a plan soon. Annalise just can’t go out like this.

One thing we know for sure is, this is far from over.

Next week there’s even more of a bombshell when Laurel asks to see Wes’ body and it seems like what gets revealed causes great surprise to her and Frank.


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