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ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder' - Season Three

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The new mystery in question is, who killed Wes? Yes, it’s real, and the folks over at Shondaland are emotionally abusive.


You know how How to Get Away With Murder does. It opens with a flashback moment. Annalise is congratulating Wes about the fact that he got an internship working with undocumented immigrants. It turns out to be a dream because Annalise wakes up only to learn that she’s being transferred to county jail since she is the suspect in the Wes case. In other words, her nightmare is just beginning.


Bonnie visits Laurel in the hospital to see if she can get anything out of her about who killed Wes. Laurel strongly suspects it was Frank (she wasn’t clear on who she saw leaving the house that night) and she wants to ask him to his face if he did it. Bonnie doesn’t believe that Frank would do such a thing…


She tells Laurel that even if Frank did it, snitching on him would destroy them all.

Bonnie pays Frank a visit and they seem to believe it’s the Mahoneys who did it, in retaliation. Bonnie then goes to visit Annalise to tell her what’s up and try to figure out ways to get her out on bail, at least temporarily. Bonnie is unsure of herself and needs Annalise’s help, but Annalise is emotionally spent and tells Bonnie she’s on her own and better step it up.

The next scene is another flashback of Wes and Laurel cupcaking in a bubble bath, talking about how the condom broke, so we know the baby isn’t Frank’s. Throughout the episode, there will be various flashbacks where we see how Wes touched people’s lives (and tugs at our heartstrings). Back in present time, investigators question Laurel and she says she didn’t see who it was, but she tells investigators that Annalise didn’t do it.

Ollie tells Connor that Annalise told him to delete everything on her phone before he knew Wes was dead, so now he thinks Annalise did it. He also figured out that they’re behind Sam’s death and asks in a round about way (because if he knows and doesn’t tell then he’s conspirator). Connor basically tells him it’s true without telling him and now he’s freaking out. However, Connor doesn’t believe that Annalise killed Wes.

Later on we see that Annalise called her sister-in-law, Hannah Keating, on the night of the fire, and told her she could have the house because she was done with it. Now we know that Hannah called the police on Annalise, but Bonnie says this isn’t enough to keep her.

That’s when we cut to court. ADA’s Atwood and Denver are working hard to keep Annalise locked up. Bonnie’s case to get Annalise out on bail looks strong, but that’s when the ADAs reveal that Wes was about to take an immunity deal to testify against Annalise with regard to her involvement in other potential cases, one of them being Sam’s death. So Annalise’s request for bail is denied. The current charges are arson and first degree murder, but that’s what they got to stick for now. It’s also revealed that Wes’ cause of death was asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation, but remember, Nate was told that Wes was dead before the fire.

Finally, we get to the moment where Frank visits Laurel at the hospital and she demands to know if he did it. Frank if it was him. Frank denies it, and Laurel tells him it should have been him.

Nate goes to visit the coroner to question why she told him that Wes died before the fire. The coroner claims she told him that before she completed the autopsy and that it’s not uncommon for them to change theories.


Bonnie calls Frank for help, but gets his voice mail and that’s when we cut to Frank confessing that he killed Wes, and then we see the montage of what happened. It starts with Frank going to pick up Wes, who is leaving the police station, because they “need to talk.”

They ride off into the sun and now we’ll have to wait until next week to get the sequence of events that led to Wes’ death.

Let us pray that Annalise didn’t really order the hit.


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