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28 days of sex

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At HB, our New Years Resolution wasn’t diet or exercise based (even though those are all GREAT goals), but instead, we focused on making next year, the year of the best sex of our lives. Our mission of sexiness filled the site with loads of steamy content, including why masturbation is important, interviews with a Dr. on how to amp up your low libido, and an intro to polyamory 101.

For February, we are encouraging you beauties to incorporate what you’ve learned in January into your daily lives with our 28 Days Of The Best Sex Of Your Life calendar.

The calendar includes tips and tricks you can do every day of the month to make February a little bit hotter.

And don’t worry single ladies, there are some solo-tips in there you can use (yes, you can be bad all by yo’ self).

Print it out, and hang it at your cubicle, in your bathroom, in your bedroom, or stash it in your purse.

Happy Sexy February!

Download Your Sex Calendar Here

Are you taking the challenge?


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