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FOX's 'Empire' - Season Two

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It has been a minute since we’ve watched Empire because to the World Series, but that’s done, and we’re back! Tonight’s episode opens with Shyne and his crew strapping up the hammers with the intention of “killing some Lyons,” but Lucious is several steps ahead of him, as usual. Lucious has Secret Service-style security planted almost everywhere—on the streets and indoors, in key places just in case ish goes down.


Cookie is still gallivanting with Angelo Dubois, and we find them taking a nice stroll until Lucious’ security team snatches her up and whisks her to safety. In the next scene, we see Shyne and his goons rolling up to Dre’s apartment. Shyne is about to shoot until Nessa, his little sis (who Dre smashed the previous night) jumped in front of the gun. Shyne decided to call it off for the sake of his sister, but he was almost in for a surprise because Dre had his own goon hiding in the wings, waiting for something to pop off.

Lucious rounded up the Lyons to explain the beef he and Dre started with Shyne and basically inform them that they’re on lockdown until the situation is resolved. Later on, Dre asks Nessa to help him get Shyne to agree to meeting up with him and Lucious to talk business and squash the beef.


Fastfoward to the sit down between Lucious, Shyne and Dre…

Shyne is still acting like the goon he is, but Lucious makes it clear that he’s not playing any games. The bottom line is, money needs to be made. The conversation doesn’t go well at first, but then Anika steps in between the heated gentlemen and shifts the tone with finesse. What came out of their chat was that Shyne would get an imprint on Empire if Lucious could sign Nessa. Shyne agreed, on the condition that he gets to sign Freda Gatz to his imprint. All systems are a go, for now.


Money is being made all around, as usual.

This brings us to the Empire live stream, where Jamal and Hakeem are performing, and it’s not without drama. Basically, Hakeem tells Lucious, while Jamal is performing, that he is trying to lock Nessa down. Lucious sees an opportunity to stir up drama and breaks the news to Hakeem that Dre and Nessa are already a thing. This has the intended affect. Hakeem’s hotheaded self performed a freestyle where he dissed both his brothers. You know people love drama, so Lucious got the traffic he was looking for when Hakeem, Jamal and Dre start arguing. Once again, Lucious wins as the puppet master.


The episode wraps up with Tariq buzzing around Shyne, trying to get some juicy info out of him about Lucious and Empire. Shyne is a snake, so he dry-snitches on Lucious by implying that he killed Frank Gathers (which we know he did). However, Shyne isn’t the only one with tricks up his sleeve, so we’ll see what Lucious gets poppin’ next week.


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