Europe Faces Immigration Crisis As Scores Of Migrants Die Before Reaching Their Destination


Source: MAHMUD TURKIA / Getty

Investigators in the bizarre, tragic deaths of migrants discovered in an abandoned truck left on the side of a highway between Vienna and Budapest have risen the death toll from 50 to 70. Simultaneously, rescue workers have been pulling corpses of migrants in the coastal waters of Libya after smugglers’ boats capsized; it’s estimated that 200 drowned. The two events shockingly occurred within a brief, 24-hour time span—a series of events that are highly indicative of the growing and increasingly deadly migration trends of people escaping conflict-ridden areas in the Middle East and Africa. European officials are trying to find tangible solutions to the issues presented by the immigration surge it has been experiencing, but there’s disagreement over how many immigrants European countries should allow past their borders and how much accountability European countries should have in migrants’ deaths. Read more at the Washington Post.

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