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When it comes to her son, Jill Scott is just one of those celebs who’d prefer to keep his face out of the blogs, off your TV screens and no where near your desktop. It wasn’t until recently (now that he’s getting older) that the Golden brown singer acknowledged him at her show. During her performance at InterludesLIVE, she pointed to the rafters and said, I love that little man up there.

“Jett? He’s the coolest person I ever met,” she spoke of her little gent with a sparkle in her eye to InterludesLIVE host Smokey Fontaine. “He’s funny. He’s smart,” she continued. “And he’s so loving. I can’t get over him. He’s romantic at this age. There are some times I’m like ‘Is that sexy?'”

Jill is raising Jett to be a strong and socially conscious Black man in an era when Black men are being murdered at alarming rates at the hands of the police. She admits she’s had to instill in Jett a sense of awareness around his humanly rights.

“I can only keep him safe to a certain degree,” she explained. “I pray over my baby all the time. I want him to be aware and I want him to know his rights. I want him to be able to say so. I want him to live without fear and I want him to be able to address the fear if he has to.”

Watch her candidly chat about Jett, above and pick up her new disc Woman TODAY.


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