Get all the nostalgic feels with this intimate performance by Monica at HelloBeautiful InterludesLIVE.

Monica was out promoting her eighth, banging studio album, "Code Red" in this once in a lifetime Interludes performance. Which Monica songs do you love from back in the day?

With a highly anticipated new album, Woman, on the way, Jill Scott blessed #TeamBeautiful and fans with an exclusive and intimate concert in Washington D.C. Jill Scott hit the Interludes stage to perform her classic song “It’s Love” off her debut album Who is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds, Volume 1. During her set, Jill discussed […]

When it comes to her son, Jill Scott is just one of those celebs who’d prefer to keep his face out of the blogs, off your TV screens and no where near your desktop. It wasn’t until recently (now that he’s getting older) that the Golden brown singer acknowledged him at her show. During her […]

Jill Scott gave us life when she performed at The Fillmore in Washington, DC. Along with her old hits like “It’s Love”, Scott graced us with the lead single, “Fool’s Gold” off of her new album,Woman, which hits stores Friday, July 24. In the 15 years since Scott first hit the scene with Who is Jill Scott? Words and […]

Heels? Check. Brows on fleek? Check. Hair laid? Check! After their faces were painted, hair teased and clothing customized by a personal celebrity glam squad, Nekima, Bianca and Jerri debuted their bold new makeovers at InterludesLIVE with Ne-Yo. The ladies arrived to the lavish Conga Room at LA Live in a shiny new Toyota Camry, […]

What’s more exciting than attending a Ne-Yo concert on the perfect LA night? Getting a fabulous makeover and debuting your bold new look at the party! Three lucky fans were given a glamorous makeover just in time to catch Ne-Yo as he slid across the stage at InterludesLIVE. On top of fabulous new weaves, installed […]

Before Ne-Yo became the celebrated songwriter and musician he is today, he hustled to get noticed by music’s most prominent executives. During an interview on InterludesLIVE, Ne-Yo revealed to host Smokey Fontaine, “It took me a good 12 years to get to that point. To the point of being in LA Reid’s office, sweating like […]

HelloBeautiful hosted the incredibly talented crooner, Ne-Yo to perform at the Conga Room in Los Angeles, California for InterludesLIVE and it might have been the best decision we’ve ever made! This man has seven studio albums and each one of them is filled with hit after hit! We couldn’t stop ourselves from singing and sliding […]

There’s something so incredible about Ne-Yo‘s ability to capture our raw emotions with his pen, that solidifies him as the voice of a generation. His song “So Sick” remains the go-to breakup anthem for both sexes and his latest disc, “Non-Fiction” is filled with gems like “Religious” and “One More” that are filled with profound […]

Ne-Yo is rarely ever seen without a debonair hat adorning his head. From fancy fedoras to beanies to Kangols tilted precisely to the side, hats are as much of a staple in Ne-Yo’s wardrobe as a fly pair of shoes (that he uses to slide across the hardwood, of course). With the release of his […]