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This is one of those stories you hear about and you just don’t know what to say. In the midst of out 4th of July celebrations – where we celebrate independence and freedom, it is easy to forget that these two things are not available to everyone, everywhere. However much progress we need to go through to realize those ideals in our country – and we do – we are sometimes reminded that there is much strife elsewhere that we should give our attention to as well.

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In this latest heartbreaking news that is currently circulating today, men on a motorcycle in Kabul, Afghanistan attacked three teenage girls by throwing acid in their face. The girls were on their way to school in the country’s Herat province this morning, local time. The three girls were immediately admitted to the a nearby hospital in Hera city but were then taken to different locations by their parents. Two of the girls are reportedly in critical condition. According to the hospital head, the girls were told, “This is the punishment for going to school.”

It is shameful that we live in a world where the punishment that a girl might face for going to school is acid in her face. It is a crime against women and a crime against humanity. Girls around the world need a solution because this is unacceptable.


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