The professional pipeline 501c3 initiative and premier beauty brand have collaborated on a life changing financial award for young girls of color.

Assemblywoman Angela McKnight and financial educator Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche worked together to draft and advocate a financial literacy bill that would give kids a fighting chance at the future.

Ericka works directly with medical professionals to help undo medical racial bias against POC in doctor's offices.

Jasmine Harrison epitomizes what it means when we chant #BlackGirlMagic.

The NYC Mission Society presents Cathy Hughes with their Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Josh Crayton and his family are fighting back.

While Judge Haikala recognized that racism was behind the white suburb wanting to break away from the racially mixed school district, she ruled in their favor anyway.

Researchers found that just having one African-American educator can reduce one's risk of not finishing high school by 30 percent.


GoFundMe is investigating a homeless student for possible fraud. Meanwhile, the $184,000 raised on his behalf is frozen.

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Despite passing a drug test, Wake County, N.C. school officials upheld a student's suspension because her hands smelled of weed. The sophomore's mother must appeal to the school board to clear her daughter's record.