Rick Santorum Makes Announcement On Presidential Bid

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Republicans Have Been Receiving Donations From White Supremacist

So maybe this story shouldn’t be particularly surprising to you, but this one’s got a twist. The donor that’s been giving thousands of dollars to presidential hopefuls like Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum and Rand Paul is the same man that leads the white supremacist group that inspired Dylann Roof to lead the terrorist attack on Emanuel AME Church. Awwwwkwaaaard. Read all the details at the New York Times.

Obama Comments On The N-Word, Race Relations & Gun Control In First Presidential Podcast

Obama’s getting a little more vocal about racism for a change after catching heat for his speech about the Emanuel AME Attack. In an interview with Marc Maron of the podcast, “WTF”, the Commander in Chief boldly used the n-word while commenting on America’s legacy of racism, disappointing his electorate, fatherhood and defying fear. Listen to the podcast for yourself at this link.

Supreme Court Decides On Americans’ Healthcare, Millions Could Lose Coverage

The issues around healthcare are alive and well, everybody. This month, the Supreme Court will decide if grants that have been awarded to American citizens to help pay for their health coverage. Now, insurers are scrambling to re-evaluate the pricing they’ve placed on their programs, determining if and how they can make more affordable plans to stay in business. Read more at the Wall Street Journal.

Texas Abortion Law Comes Before The Supreme Court

Healthcare isn’t the only issue that the Supreme Court is weighing in on these days. Abortion providers are striking back against provisions in Texas law that closed almost half of the state’s accredited abortion clinics. The implications of this ruling can have a huge impact on the discussion surrounding national issues in the 2016 presidential campaign. Read more at the Huffington Post.

European Union Strikes Down On Human Trafficking Through Navy Operation

The EU is pushing back against traffickers that have been crossing waters around the Mediterranean and Europe. Over 100,000 trafficking victims have been brought to Europe this way so far in 2015 and about 2,000 are resultantly dead or missing. The EU is currently lobbying for support from the UN Security Council and permission from Libya to enter their lands and capture traffickers that have been setting boats to sail from their shores. Read more at the AP.

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