It’s unclear what in the hell is wrong with Candace Owens. Perhaps this is what full-blown self-hatred looks like, or maybe she and Kanye West are drunk from the same “free thought” Kool-Aid, or if she’s just trolling us with her pro-Trump, anti-Black rhetoric. But on Tuesday, the 29-year-old conservative truly showed her ignorant a** […]


If we’ve learned nothing else from the truly horrible year that is 2017, it’s that white supremacy will rear its ugly head virtually anywhere. According to reports, white supremacists are obtaining law enforcement positions at alarming rates, which is one of the scariest revelations for minorities, specifically black people. To most black people, it comes […]

The idea that kinky, short hair is somehow less 'cared' for than long, flowing, tresses needs to be dismantled in the Black community.


In the wake of Jemele's suspension from ESPN, the president took the time to berate the Black journalist.

After initial remarks where he blamed the violence in Charlottesville on "on many sides," Trump cleared up his messaging.

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The suspect hatefully said he would rather have killed a "young thug" or a "successful older Black man with blondes."

POTUS reshuffled the council, downgrading the military chiefs of staff to give a regular seat to his chief strategist, the former chief of Breitbart News.


Roland Martin confronted the leader of the National Policy Institute about his views on America, race, White supremacy, Trump's election and the bright future he envisions for White America.

"It is impossible for us to use or celebrate the flag without blatantly romanticizing/misinterpreting the worst moments of our nation's history."

The hoods of White Supremacists might be coming off (and we will get to see their faces).

Also, the Supreme Court presides over whether millions around the country will lose their healthcare coverage and if scores of abortion clinics in Texas will remain closed.