As we commemorate the 47th anniversary of the legalization of abortion, we must recognize that the right to choose doesn’t just impact white women.

As of Friday, Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri signed bills to enact the harshest laws on abortion. Alabama outlawed the procedure even in cases of incest and rape while Missouri banned abortion after the eighth week and Georgia at the sixth week. At this early in a pregnancy many women are unaware that they’re even pregnant. […]

Kennedy cast key votes during his time on the bench that directly affected affirmative action, same-sex marriage, and abortion legislation.

The GOP continues its fight against reproductive justice with new bill.

It's time to put this tired conspiracy theory to bed and let Black women make our own choices without shaming us.

In a 5-3 vote, the justices struck down an anti-abortion law that was responsible for shutting down dozens of clinics across the state of Texas.

A medical examiner confirmed that Pickens was pregnant at the time of death, but could not confirm how far along she was, according to WLOS.

Restricting access to and criminalizing the procedure will mostly impact Black women, who have the highest abortion rates in the nation.

K. Michelle said her ex-boyfriend, Bobby Maze made her feel like she had to have an abortion due to his lack of support and his lies.

If the option for dilation and evacuation were banned, women would be forced out of having abortions or subjected to more dangerous procedures.