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A group of Black teenagers was assaulted in McKinney, TX on Friday evening when a neighbor called the cops because they were “concerned” about the party that was going on next door. The concern, I’d be willing to bet, probably came from seeing way too many Black kids in the same place because there is nothing more terrifying than that, is there? (Sarcasm).

Warning: the video is difficult to watch. In it, Officer Eric Casebolt  seems to arrest a group of young boys for no reason, instructing them to “sit and stay,” like dogs. When the boys try to flee the situation, the officer holds what appears to be a taser at them in a threatening fashion. Later in the video, Casebolt literally throws a young Black girl in a bikini down to the ground, cuffs her and pushes his knee in to her back while she sobs and begs onlookers to call her mother. Several large men are seen watching the young girl be brutalized, yet none take action to help her. If anything, they persist in blocking anyone attempting to stop the unruly officer.

Casebolt has reportedly been put on administrative leave pending an investigation of his use of excessive force.

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Might I remind everyone that these are KIDS. Kids who are doing what kids do – get loud at parties. These days it seems like Black people cannot do anything without the police showing up to harass, or even worse, kill them. You can’t enter a store, you can’t walk outside, and you can’t sleep in your bed. So it comes as no surprise that you cannot have a pool party either, even if you’re a child.

This is truly one of the most disturbing and disgusting things you’ll see today. And to all cops, yes ALL cops: Let us and our children live in peace.


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