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The publishing world’s biggest industry event, Book Expo, came to a close on Friday. The annual industry event is where all the latest in print and digital book publishing gets discussed among those who work in the industry. However, Book Con (which is open to the public) started yesterday and people have been able to pose questions and interact with their favorite writers and industry personnel.

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Last year, #WeNeedDiverseBooks became a call to action by Ellen Oh, one of the co-founders of the movement, who contends that the publishing industry is all too White. Considering that the New York Times published an all-White summer reading list by critic Janet Maslin that included 17 books that featured no person of color, it is apparent that the movement is very much-needed in the industry.

#WeNeedDiverseBooks has made quite the impression with Book Con, having its own panel on diversity after negative reactions to an all-White guest list of 30 authors during last year’s event. Many in the industry have said this call for diversity has been brewing as people have become more aware of the lack of diversity in the publishing industry. Ellen Oh, although pleased with this year’s inclusion, looks forward to the day when we don’t need to ask for diverse books.

The following are some of the best tweets from #WeNeedDiverseBooks


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