Rowe is the founder and executive director of Girl Vow Inc., a non-profit which seeks to mentor young girls in incarcerated care.

“He Is I And I Am Him” As the Great Young Hov took the stage during his much-anticipated ‘B-Sides 2’ performance at Webster Hall in New York City on Friday, I stood in the crowd surveying what was transpiring before my eyes. The man known as Shawn Carter, and the performer known as Jay-Z had […]

Host Charise Frazier discusses The Breathing Space with creator and founder, Leeza Joneé!

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On July 4, Therese Patricia Okoumou, 44, scaled Lady Liberty to protest President Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy on immigration and the separation of families at the border.

The New York City based series put on its latest showcase as the longest running outlet for Black comediennes in the past 25 years.

City officials voted to move the statue of J. Marion Sims from its Central Park location to Sims' grave site in Brooklyn.

"I hope that the ongoing leadership of black people is respected and heard in next steps towards better gun control," said organizer Agunda Okeyo.


Family arguments unfortunately can sometimes lead to unspeakable tragedy, and that is exactly what happened when a Brownsville, Brooklyn man murdered three of his family members, including a 1-year-old baby, before reportedly turning the gun on himself. The NY Daily News is reporting that Terrance Briggs of Brownsville, Brooklyn, was so overcome with rage due […]

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NYPD Sergeant Hugh Barry was cleared of all charges.

See the Black models that walked all the Day 6 shows at New York Fashion Week.

See the Black models that walked all the Day 5 shows at New York Fashion Week.


In the latest edition of “occurrences you can’t believe exist in 2017” is the case of a white New York man who broke into his black neighbor’s home…and threatened to lynch him. Yes, lynching, that deadly and horrific practice that many thought was a thing of the past, just resurfaced as a threat in 2017. […]