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Judgment day has arrived for the infamous Ferguson Police department of Missouri. After the Department of Justice announced yesterday that Ferguson police were guilty of practicing systematic racism and “routinely violating the rights” of Black citizens, another bomb has dropped that the entire agency could all together be exterminated.

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Eric Holder led the department of justice’s investigation and following public outcry that Ferguson cops had been abusing their authoritative position for years. The death of Michael Brown, who was killed by former Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson was the climax of a string of unfair, controversial police incidents and the department is now liable of discrimination.

Closing the police department would be a drastic decision, but Tim Fitch, (former head of the St. Louis County Police Department) claimed Ferguson may not have much of a choice. Based on his knowledge and experience with the law, he said to The Huffington Post, “My guess is it’s going to be so expensive to the city of Ferguson, they’re going to have to make a survival decision. Financially, I don’t believe they’re going to be able to do one of two things: Either they’re going to fight it, and not be able to afford that, or to implement all of the changes that DOJ is going to require is going to be so expensive, they’re not going to be able to do it.”

For now, this is just an up-in-the-air proposal, but also considering that Ferguson has also now been accused of throwing many Black people into jail and issuing fines to pay for city budgets, the evidence of their unjust ways are getting plentiful. There’s even been the leak of a 2014 email between Ferguson cops and officials that disrespected President Obama in asking “What Black man keeps a job for four years?” The racism in Ferguson has clearly been naturalized.

The Department of Justice’s decision to go ahead with the guilty verdict is the town’s biggest possibility of justice in the months since Brown’s passing. It’s a shame that Darren Wilson is still free. After the non-indictment of Wilson, thankfully the DOJ did not give up on Ferguson.


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