In the wake of Stephon Clark's death, I am thinking about his children and the history of those affected by tragedies like this.

No amount of money will bring Michael Brown Sr. and Lesley McSpadden's son back.

Warner Bros. is bringing Michael Brown‘s tragic story to theaters. It’s been nearly three years since Michael was struck down by officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. Now, according to 95.5 The Lou, Warner Bros. has announced plans to develop a movie about the shooting. The film will be based on his mother Lezley McSpadden’s […]

These new statements are part of a civil lawsuit that Michael Brown's family has filed against Wilson, the City of Ferguson and the St. Louis County Police Department.

"Stranger Fruit's" director says this new footage proves that on the day that Brown died, he didn't try to rob a local convenience store.

Plus, Trump blasts Muslim family who spoke about their slain soldier son at the DNC and Netflix to create Motown cartoon series produced by Smokey Robinson.

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The Missouri city and DOJ officials are nearing a reform deal that will likely effect change and overhaul "unconstitutional" policing.

On the clip, the officer is heard saying that Michael Brown “got what he had coming.”

One year after the death of Michael Brown, St. Louis native Nelly has the remedy to heal the Black community.

“All I can say is vengeance is God’s, and I hope He has mercy on his soul,” McSpadden said during a recent Al Jazeera America interview.

Despite desegregation laws, White parents usually fight accepting poorer Black students from failing districts.