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This past weekend, #BlackLivesMatter protestors stormed the massive and lucrative Mall of America to continue spreading equality awareness, but the organizers may now get hit with a lawsuit. Sandra Johnson, the Bloomington City Attorney of Minnesota is livid because of the commotion from holiday shopping and the activists, MOA was shut down for two hours. Retailers lost a lot of business and the police department will have to pay their officers overtime. Johnson wants the protestors to pay. Literally.

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Criminal charges are what the protestors may be facing, as the MOA is listed as private property. Mall security was somewhat privy to the protests, thanks to Facebook and warned its organizers to stay away. The noise made headlines nationwide as many arrests were made and the mall made it clear they were not amused.

One eye-witness account from the scene came from Nate Bush, who works at one of the 80 stores that was temporarily closed in the rotunda of MOA where it all took place. He told Minnesota’s CBS chapter: “You had people yelling and screaming inside the mall that wanted out and you had people yelling and screaming outside the mall that wanted in. I would say the mall was less than half as busy as it should have been considering what day it was.”

Johnson later described the passionate event as “a powder keg just waiting for a match.”


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