Sadly, too many Black celebs and influencers are showing their true selves...and it's not pretty.

The popular skincare and beauty brand is opening its purse in the best way to show support for the cause.

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"Run them over. Keep traffic flowing and don’t slow down for any of these idiots who try and block the street," the post read.


This past weekend, #BlackLivesMatter protestors stormed the massive and lucrative Mall of America to continue spreading equality awareness, but the organizers may now get hit with a lawsuit. Sandra Johnson, the Bloomington City Attorney of Minnesota is livid because of the commotion from holiday shopping and the activists, MOA was shut down for two hours. Retailers […]


250 protestors in Oakland surrounded the city’s police headquarters today and blocked entrances as they shouted “Silence is Violence”, “Black and Breathing” and held signs that read “#Asians4BlackLives.” These acts come after this weekend’s Millions March rallies that took place in New York, Chicago and D.C. and began 7:30 in the morning. By noon, more than […]

This powerful video above shows Ferguson residents and business owners preparing for the Darren Wilson decision. Over the weekend in St. Louis, Missouri, a couple hundred demonstrators gathered in the streets in protest. These passionate protestors decided on a different approach and laid down in the street outside a downtown theater, pretending to have been […]

Another unarmed Black boy,  Vonderrit Myers Jr., 18, was shot dead on Wednesday by an off-duty cop in St. Louis, adding fuel to the fire that’s been burning in Missouri since Mike Brown’s untimely death in Ferguson — also at the hands of a police officer.  Many residents in Missouri and beyond are still protesting in support […]